About Me

I’m Challen Yee.

In my professional life, I always had had an innate desire to go down roads less travelled, but in 2008 the recession hit I had to take a step backwards. Needing to support my wife and two young children, I chose to return to a financially “stable” job, although it was a profession I had tried to leave from twice. I was fortunate to be able to reenter the industry but that just was not the original plan.

I always remember something the famous businessman and race car driver/developer Carrol Shelby said, “I never did anything I didn’t like for very long.”

Those words were beginning to taunt me.

I became very introspective being surrounded, once again, by cubicle walls.

During this time of isolation, I began drifting into blaming my circumstances for my inability to reach my desired career goals.
Blaming outside circumstances did nothing to fill a gaping void forming in my soul.

Through a serendipitous chain of events starting in the Summer of 2010, I discovered a wealth of motivational and personal development speakers.
With a hunger to grasp a better understanding of mentoring and leadership, I stumbled across Anthony Robbins, which led me to Jim Rohn and many other great teachers.

Having received much benefit by learning from these great contemporary thinkers, I am truly grateful I can go forward in life with so much more clarity than ever before in regards to looking at my past, present and future.

It is a privilege and pleasure to be able to share my personal development insights with you through challenyee.com.

Best Regards,
Challen Yee

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