FTW.53 Friendster conflicts

Fatherhood in a Technological World – Message #53 Friend-ster. Yes, I just made up another definition of the word which focuses on friends who are young children. You know that Berenstain Bear book Continue Reading →

Reassurance about integrity and failure

Writer’s note: About a year ago, I began my trek into creating this blog by sharing some thoughts about a high school friend who chose to end his life, now over Continue Reading →

Legendary Friendship

Have you ever experienced the power of a stalwart and loyal friendship? You may not be seeking, but don’t discount the possibility that it may be seeking you. I have Continue Reading →

Self improvement: How to prepare for a funeral

Six Questions for you before you leave this planet 5:35 Writer’s note: Sometimes you have to go with the life flow when it comes to writing a daily blog. Saturday Continue Reading →

“Manly Man” Friendship – Questions to ask yourself

Writer’s note: I appreciate you. You are the person who can handle blogposts over 300-500 words in length because I have a tendency to write a lot. And… perhaps I’ve Continue Reading →

“Manly Man” Talk on Friendship

5:33 Writer’s Note: Okay, unabashed, I’ve selected another segment out of this great book, “Mansfield Book of Manly Men,” by Stephen Mansfield and he writes about the value of deep Continue Reading →

Conversation Hang-Ups: “I’m Right —You’re Wrong!”

Have you ever got into a conversation with someone who is dead set on being right all the time? Perhaps you are that kind of person. This is called Conversational Hang-Up Continue Reading →

Confidence Building: Conversation Closing

Whether you are trying to introduce yourself to a potential date or finding a business client, building your conversational skills is a necessity. How well it would have served all Continue Reading →

Can Bullying Be Good For Children?

Now before you think I’m a raging lunatic, of course, I am not for kids being picked on. But let me tell you a little story from when I was Continue Reading →