Leadership Paths: Become a Manager?

How much additional Freedom will you attain? If you were a manager in the past and you are still working in a corporate environment, some people think “once a manager always a manager.” To Continue Reading →

MLM – Video Short Subjects Vol.1 No.2

MLM VIDEO SHORT SUBJECTS VOLUME 1 NUMBER 2 Unscripted, off the cuff, and free, here is a list of Network Marketing Minutes I have published in the last week on my “Challen Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Silent Service

How our micro-world in submarine sonar helped contribute to the end of the Cold War Writer’s Note: Blogging is about life, gratitude for things irreplaceable like valued relationships, and, quite frankly, Continue Reading →

MLM: Veggie-Inspired Inventory Control

So how much inventory is enough? What I’m talking about is how much product should you buy in order to meet your goals in relation to the short term rewards Continue Reading →

Campfire Team Building

One of the problems some managers have with running a department or team is they think everyone should aspire and perform at the same level. This is a very common Continue Reading →

Teaching Your Team

Here are some more gold nuggets on Team Building from Michael Masterson from his book “Ready, Fire, Aim.” Whether you are building your own network marketing team, managing an engineering Continue Reading →

Daily Routine – Meditation

What is a daily routine and why should you care about meditation? In the absence of a corporate overlord, you need to establish a disciplined routine done on a daily Continue Reading →

7 tips on Leading like Rich

Need a refresher or a tap on the shoulder as what principles makes a leader great? This leadership blogpost is dedicated to my new friend who is an up and Continue Reading →

Network Marketer: Helping People?

Are you a network marketer and are you helping people? What kind of person would you become if you knew that what you do was meant to help others? I’m Continue Reading →