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Let’s have some fun and let’s generate some power. I am going to share an Affirmation with you. I created this as a simple way to involve both re-affirming and Fill-Integris techniques to help me along my path. Use mine for a template or make your own in a way that fits your need to expand yourself. Even make a video of yourself and post it!

It’s simple and it’s short… and you can read the text below and see my video. (in the video I mention a contest. It is over now, but you can still share it!).

How would you feel if you could instill more confidence into your life everyday, by adding a negativity smashing influence into your daily routine?

For you,  a simple and powerful affirmation…

Building my Influence at Versailles 1989Photography by Challen Yee

Building my Influence at Versailles 1989Photography by Challen Yee

To see video: click here 


An Affirmation of Power (say this out loud with gusto)

I am Powerful

I am Strengthened by Adversity

I am a Leader

I am Dedicated to the Success of my Team

I am Humble, yet not meek

I am Uncompromising in Honor


I am on a Quest


Join with me and let’s achieve this Greatness together!

Become a person of action and let’s have some fun.


click here to SEE THE VIDEO  

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I’ll see you… on the next page.

Challen Yee

Challen Yee


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