Building a Bomb-Proof Vision

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A vision plays a very powerful part of your success process, is something important that I am getting insights on from Ray Higdon, a vision that embraces the natural and touches on the supernatural will be a life changing force in your life.
You’ve heard about being “Called” or “Having a vision”. You’ve heard the stories about how people have made it from the total dumps and created for themselves a life that defies gravity.

How would you feel if you could create a vision for yourself that will pull you through the worst times the best times, one that you can have confidence in that has the mark of approval of your integrity?

That’s what I want to help you with today, to get started. Are you ready to get started?

Let’s get to work…

Envision is Grand Style: Photo by Challen Yee

Envision in Grand Style: Photo by Challen Yee

Building a Bomb-Proof Vision

The first question is, what was wrong with your old vision that it didn’t carry you through the way you intended. I don’t know your visions but take what lessons you can from a old vision that I rarely have shared with other people, but I am called to do so now.

Back in 1998, I was “called” to become a Navy Chaplain. I had just spent about 7 years studying the Bible in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and was often surrounded by like thinking men. I was still single at the time and even then and was motivated to get out of a cubicle job (even though I had experienced very good success in that profession).
When I received my “calling” it took my depression and anxiety of that time, especially of not managing to find a spouse, that burdensome load just get lifted off my shoulders, it really did feel like losing a ton or bricks I was dragging around for perhaps most of my adult life.
Now I didn’t give up on finding a spouse, but I didn’t let the anxiety of not having a spouse rule what was intended for my life given what I perceived I was being prepared for.

Still with me?

Now, you know that I am not a Navy Chaplain so what happened and how does this tie into vision?

The vision I had at that time, it was uncommonly strong, it excited me at a core level, I knew that if I was going to make it through the entire process of completing my Bachelors and getting through seminary and going back into the Navy… it was this vision that was going to just inspire me through thick and thin. Lesson One: A strong vision will have a supernatural effect on your ability to achieve.

The vision that inspired me, now this is just between you and me, because I’ve never shared this but with two people in my life, was I could imagine putting on the uniform of a U.S. Navy Officer. I passionately looked forward to the day when I could order my uniform and wear it, stick all my ribbons and medals on it I earned when I was an enlisted man and say “I am now a Navy officer and I have experience.” And this would translate into respect wherever I walked in proud display of myself.

As powerful as a vision this was for me, at the time, it was not enough.  I knew at the time, there was something I felt uncomfortable with. There was something single dimensional about it and it left me with an underling question, “Is this the right?”


This is the first step you can to do to create a stronger vision

Work with it.

Oddly enough, and I hope this is good news for you, I am not going to tell you to not gratify yourself with your vision. Let’s be real, you need the fulfillment that is an important part of fulfilling your dream and how you want to be an impact helping others.

So get into your vision, get more into everything about it: Dive into it, feel it, go on a distant vacation with it, drive your new car with it, go out with your new spouse (or your current one) with it. How will it feel when you’ve helped 10,000 people with it? Go into the minute details of what it will be like, every seemingly insignificant detail that you can possibly imagine, WHEN you actually fill that void that comes with ultimate success.

Begin by, to the best of your humanly imagination, envision how achieving your dream will impact you… then your family, your friends, the people who you meet, people who you have never met, and what they will say about you once you achieve your new and awesome lifestyle.

Focus on as many benefits of you attaining it as you can possibly imagine.

Note of warning: Not everyone will like your success. EXPECT THIS. Get into that, how will it feel, how will you be able to understand and navigate through that negativity when you encounter it.

It is really preparing yourself to fit into the success that you desire. And this is only what you can imagine NOW.

It’s okay to spend some time focusing on you. You’ve gone through life long enough not doing it for real. Yet get deeper into it. Don’t treat it like a monolithic overseer, but a living dynamic view of your life that you imagine is possible. It’s much about what you can imagine and how far you can imagine your vision of your dreams will take you.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

If you’ve gotten some value from these basic tips on how you craft your vision, if you will, like, share and comment

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Challen Yee

Challen Yee

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