Can you be happy with what you have yet drive for more?

Have you ever wondered how people can be driven to attain much more and yet still be happy with what they have? Does that seem strange to you?


I want to suggest to you that in the best case, not only is it important but it is an essential part of the success in its fullness.

People who are grateful for what they already have form a springboard from which they can leap to higher plateaus.
Unhindered by worry and concern that their base may be about to collapse, successful minded people serving to attain higher goals can more freely pursue their higher goals.

On the other side, consider the man or woman who is always complaining about their circumstances and not doing anything about it. I believe this stems from a sense of powerlessness which drains the steam out of creating dreams and being able to open themselves to needed gratefulness.

Moreover, incessant complaining blinds our ability to see the opportunities to learn and to identify our weaknesses.
Remember, even a small step in the right direction will put you on a better course.

I like how Anthony Robbins can help take people from a state of being stuck in powerlessness, and in a matter or minutes, often through corrective movement and affirmations, to help them adjust their perspectives. Amazing.


There is a creator in all of us. Is your inner creator healthy?

I believe this is where the source of our higher aspirations come from. When you look at the vast beauty of the earth or even when you see the grave struggles of humanity, you have an inner voice that has a way of calling you to be something better, to be someone who can do more, help more, be more.

Alternately, this is not to say that people cannot have success on a smaller scale, where they are a stalwart helpmeet for their local circle of family of friends. Let us all give thanks for those people too!


Family life and Business pursuits

Without the strength that comes from an inner circle, there would be far less courage in the world to strive to meet greater challenges.

I like Jim Rohn’s talks about life and success, that is it “better to live in the tent on a beach with the one you love rather than live in a mansion alone.”

Jim further explains how the “inner circle” cared for springs an immense source of support and confidence when you have to go out in the field.

How much greater and satisfying will be your success if you can manage to build strength in both. I believe this relationship is synergetic and will build consistency in character which many value as greatly successful.

(Take a ride with me on the way to my cube job in the video below to see the rough thoughts before I wrote this post, I’m putting myself on the spot with this stuff!).


The Military: Taking the concept to the cutting edge

How important for the support of our military is this idea of success at home (being grateful and for what you have) and success in the field (striving for more)?


I ventured in my video to touch on the military aspect, so with respect to myself, I need to explain. (I put myself on the hot seat by making videos).

The average sports enthusiast, whether you are cheering a Little League team or your favorite professional sports team has a guttural understanding of what it mean to have fan support. You know this support is key in a team’s drive for success.

There is great need for units engaged in combat, that they have the support of their family and countrymen, but also the leadership of a sane government who is not inclined to abuse their power.

The synergy between core support and driving for incredible objectives is exemplified again by those serving in combat. With their lives on the line, all the BS is stripped out of the way and support is actualized by the care and preparation one puts into their team and that of their supporting units. No example is more noteworthy than spirit and discipline of those standing shoulder to shoulder with their lives in the balance.

So yes. You can be successful with accepting who you are with what you have while striving for more.

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Will not forget the Spartans this Veterans’ Day 2013.  source:



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