Why I blog (and you should too)

Around May 2013, I stumbled across a talk by Michael Hyatt, accomplished writer, speaker, and publishing house guru who took a chance and steered his company into the modern age by jumping head-first into blogging, an area he had no previous significant following.

source: michaelhyatt.com

Michael Hyatt source: michaelhyatt.com

He urged his listeners to start blogging as soon as possible.
Even though I had never heard of him before, Mr. Hyatt seemed like a very credible and successful person (who he is), so I took his word for it and told myself I better start.

I believe it was he who stated that his real passion was to become a public speaker and a writer and that blogging had become the premiere way of establishing oneself a following that could then become a perfect audience for promoting future activities whatever they may be.

As a means of finding a way out of the cubicle, it turns out I share that dream of writing and speaking. It sounds really cool to me! I would like to be able to write a book or books and be able to speak to audiences also about some subject I have a passion for. Don’t you think that would be a cool way of making a living instead of sitting in a cube all day?

Blogging in one strategy that can work for you no matter which way you head in building you future business. It is a means by which you can establish yourself as a leader in your chosen field or interest.


What is a blog compared to a website?

The fundamental difference between a blog and a website is a blog is designed to be dynamic, updated on a frequent basis (i.e. daily or weekly) in effort to provide content intended to be of value to a particular audience.

A website, on the other hand, is intended to be like a business card, like a place holder where people can get relevant information for your business without any expectation for personal interaction with you or regular content delivery.


What should you focus on?

Determine the end purpose then focus on one area you really like that supports the end purpose. That’s one formula. Another way of thinking of it is determine your target market and provide solutions to their problems.

For example, my focus is to help people stuck in unfulfilling jobs find a way to more satisfying work. I use a personal development theme, which I have a strong interest in, as a platform and catalyst to bring about desired change.

Another formula is, you just love a specific subject so that’s what you want to write about. That’s like just providing content from your vast knowledge of your hobby or profession, and that’s a perfect good way to go too.

I know people who are experts on, for example, horticulture, organic farming, and fitness who have no intention of making a business out of their hobbies and do not understand the principles  of blogging AND they do not understand how they could easily be building more security into their financial future by marketing themselves.


A blog is designed for interaction centered on a specific subject.

Despite your possible initial inclination as a newcomer to write with multiple focuses on your one blog, you will soon understand that you ought to have a separate blog (a different blogsite address) for each of your general categories. I currently have two blogs.

For example, in my first blog, at first, I covered health AND personal development topics because I enjoyed writing about both and it was convenient (the operative word was “I”).

But think about it, if a person decides to follow your blog (meaning they will get an email notification every time you post anything on that blog), what are they following it for?

Because you and I are not famous (yet), people will follow your blog purely for specific content only, so with respect to not fill their email inbox with 50% or more stuff they may not care about, it’s better that you stick with one specific subject until you become famous and then you can do any serious or ridiculous thing and not worry about losing your madly loyal and fanatical following.


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Tomorrow I’l touch on some basics on how to get started on your first blog.

I’ll see you… on the next page

Challen Yee

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