FTW.50 Ready to become a mentor?

Fatherhood in a Technological World – Message #50 Life Mentoring This is an especially important subject for men, and it helps to be familiar with some of the key characteristics of a Continue Reading →

MLM – Video Short Subjects Vol.1 No.6

MLM SHORT VIDEO SUMMARY VOLUME 1 NUMBER 6 Tips for home business entrepreneurs from the week of June 28, 2015 Unscripted, off the cuff, and free, here is a list Continue Reading →

Leadership Paths: Become a Manager?

How much additional Freedom will you attain? If you were a manager in the past and you are still working in a corporate environment, some people think “once a manager always a manager.” To Continue Reading →

MLM – Video Short Subjects Vol.1 No.1

MLM VIDEO SHORT SUBJECTS VOLUME 1 NUMBER 1   Here is a list of Network Marketing Minutes I have published in the last week on my “Challen Yee” You-Tube Channel. They Continue Reading →

Reassurance about integrity and failure

Writer’s note: About a year ago, I began my trek into creating this blog by sharing some thoughts about a high school friend who chose to end his life, now over Continue Reading →

Mindset: Flicking Cockroaches

We all know Mindset training and discipline, it should be part of your daily routine because the flood of negativity is just waiting to take its former throne in the Continue Reading →

Daily Routine: Personal Development Mindset

What is a daily routine and why should you care about Personal and Mindset Development on a daily basis? In the absence of a corporate overlord, you need to establish Continue Reading →

Seeking your burning desire via happiness

I’ve come to yet another crossroads and another tough blogpost to write. I have to ask you, what do Ray Higdon, Cesar L. Rodriguez, Russ Whitney, Stephen Mansfield, Steven Pressfield Continue Reading →

Finding Purpose: Why are you alive?

What has been the ultimate driving force behind your long term success? Wouldn’t you like to know so you can tap into it? Or if you are not achieving the Continue Reading →

Power Influence: Who is in your circle?

What does it mean to you that you are the average of the closest ten people in your circle? How would you benefit you having people in your circle who Continue Reading →