FTW.55 Legos: Old vs New

Fatherhood in a Technological World – Message #55 Legos aren’t what they used to be. I admit, over the recent  years, I fell into the trap of buying my kids so many of Continue Reading →

Mindset for chance-encounter off-line prospecting

Struggling talking to people off-line? If it is something that you are open to, I will take what I’ve learned and boil it down in such a way even someone Continue Reading →

Network Marketer: Helping People?

Are you a network marketer and are you helping people? What kind of person would you become if you knew that what you do was meant to help others? I’m Continue Reading →

Tipping cash and video marketing

TIPPING WITH IDEAS Writer’s Note: I plan on doing more video content along with my blog text. What I am discovering is when you have a video idea, it tends Continue Reading →

5 tips to start a serious blog

It was only last June when I first started taking an online presence seriously, before then I was social media-phobic. I avoided Facebook like the plague even though a billion Continue Reading →

Network Marketing Prospecting in 3 steps

A practical approach to building a network marketing professional. Jim Rohn spoke about “The Bridge…  the most fulfilling part of the network marketing profession.” A professional network marketer helps people Continue Reading →

Perfect Pricing: Don’t Buy Into a Poverty Mindset*

Assessing your real market value *Sub-chapter title from Michael Port’s “Book Yourself Solid” (2011)  In Chinese Medicine school, we spent years learning how to diagnose and treat diseases. Part of Continue Reading →