FTW.53 Friendster conflicts

Fatherhood in a Technological World – Message #53 Friend-ster. Yes, I just made up another definition of the word which focuses on friends who are young children. You know that Berenstain Bear book Continue Reading →

MLM – Video Short Subjects Vol.1 No.16

MLM SHORT VIDEO SUMMARY VOLUME 1 NUMBER 16 (#76-80) From your friend in network marketing: Tips for home business entrepreneurs for the week of September 6, 2015.  Unscripted, off the Continue Reading →

Home Biz Counseling: Dissecting Procrastination

You really want to build your home business, but things just don’t feel right. It can be really hard to take apart why we feel the way we do. This Continue Reading →

Twilight Nation – Little Joe takes a Stand

Is this twilight’s last gleaming? Is the United States struggling through an unrecoverable loss of its greatness and passing away into the darkness? How do you fit into the wheels Continue Reading →

Home Biz: Which 10,000 kicks?

Blogger’s Note:  Life has a lot going on and the last summer was no exception with many interests being triggered. One of the most important focuses is the concept of Continue Reading →

Mindset: Flicking Cockroaches

We all know Mindset training and discipline, it should be part of your daily routine because the flood of negativity is just waiting to take its former throne in the Continue Reading →

Hoverson on Parenting Fears

  Text and photos by Challen Yee In offering you some insights to how to deal with the fear of being disconnected with your children when you dive into starting Continue Reading →

Big Trouble in Little Chores

Procrastination = The cancer that lingers in the heart of every well-intended business person that if not attacked with great prejudice, will knock out your dreams deader than a doorknob. Continue Reading →

Are you desperate? There is hope

Are you finding yourself this morning on the verge of hopelessness? Maybe you know someone who is. Rest assured, you are on one of the familiar paths that life will Continue Reading →