FTW.55 Legos: Old vs New

Fatherhood in a Technological World – Message #55 Legos aren’t what they used to be. I admit, over the recent  years, I fell into the trap of buying my kids so many of Continue Reading →

FTW.46 Multi-tasking: Submarine Sonar vs. Algebra

Fatherhood in a Technological World – Message #46 It’s hard enough to get children to focus, so when there is this plethora of electronic gadgets added to their environment they invariably are Continue Reading →

FTW.28 The dinner table

Fatherhood in a Technological World – Message #28 Happy Thanksgiving Folks! I feel like I’m going a little Dear Abby with an attitude on your guys now, but since today is Thanksgiving, I Continue Reading →

FTW.24: Second Hand Television

Fatherhood in a Technological World – Message #24 You’ve heard about second-hand smoke from cigarettes, right? Well, this article is about avoiding the toxic effects of second hand television. Blogger’s note: By Continue Reading →

FTW.18: Why 1960’s TV is better than the Internet

Fatherhood in a Technological World – Message #18  Was it the “Idiot Box” or the “Character Box”? You’d never think that the old “idiot box”, as my father affectionately called the TV Continue Reading →

FTW.12: Cell phones for kids?

Fatherhood in a Technological World – Message #12 To Cell or not to Cell? That is the question. For some reason, “Cell phones for kids” makes me think of the the Dire Continue Reading →

QUEST, not to become a domesticated Turkey

I am still working on the effects of some powerful training last week as the result of Ray Higdon’s interview with Russ Whitney. Both of these men are on a Continue Reading →

Seeking your burning desire via happiness

I’ve come to yet another crossroads and another tough blogpost to write. I have to ask you, what do Ray Higdon, Cesar L. Rodriguez, Russ Whitney, Stephen Mansfield, Steven Pressfield Continue Reading →