3 Replies to “SSN-698: The Origins of the BAD FISH”

  1. That is outstanding that this history is preserved and there are Shipmates who have first hand knowledge of what occurred at the time. Every boat develops its own uniqueness Bremerton exudes it.

  2. Hi Challen,

    Nice bit of history….love it…..And, Thanks!

    As you know, I’m trying to get USS Bremerton SSN 698 Challenge coins for our reunion. Original logo / Bad Fish logo….Front and Back….Is there any file data of either or both logo’s? Are there any copy right concerns, etc…..I found a Challenge coin…no longer available but its design is perfect…see link…
    Let me know….

    Thanks, Sammy Lantz.

  3. Wonderful article! I was part of the Bremerton family 91-95 (ET1/SS), and served with Clint and Keith, both wornderful people. There were names on that POD photo that I hadn’t thought about in years, but seems like only yesterday I was talking with those guys. Thank you for such a well written, and illustrated article on a part of our common history, Shipmate.