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Fatherhood in a Technological World – Message #63

If you are a landlord or a tenant, you understand the importance of a lease agreement and the rules stated in them. Those rules are there to protect both parties but especially the landlord when the tenant breaks the contract by not pay on time.

If you do not abide by the rules, meaning, if a landlord does not enforce the rules, expect a tenant not to follow the rules.  The example of paying rent on time is a perfect example of something that should be done without question that can explode out of control with an undisciplined tenant and a lenient landlord. The result is expense for the landlord, loads of uncertainty and hardship for both.

Children can do the same thing to parents.  The will test the extent of how far you will slide on your rules to see what they can get away with. Some things you may choose to slack on, and somethings you will not. As much as you might like to  evict your children from home for irresponsible use of technology, you will need to stand firm on certain rules in order for your children to get it.

Just like a landlord, a parent needs to work in a way that maintains their leadership and leverage, by not falling too hard into emotional traps caused by frustration. Yes, it can be challenging with the common use of technology to control your child’s use of it, but as difficult as it may be, you’ll need to apply pressure to keep them in line with an agreed upon set of rules. Some rules are preferred like limiting time with certain apps, and some need to be absolute, like using technology in bed at night.



About Fatherhood in a Technological World

Fathers of young children in today’s modern society are facing unprecedented challenges with the wave of technology allowing ever easier access to the internet. The effect on your children has and will have a great influence on their growth. As a parent, you may be feeling the anxiety of having to confront the challenges of being at the end of the rail of the powerful forces driving technology into the laps and hands of your children.

Your work is cut out for you are a father. Even though popular culture doesn’t do well to herald the value of the leadership role of men in the form of fathers, let me tell you right now, being a father in this time and age has never been more important.

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