FTW.57 Is your child a coffee addict yet?

Fatherhood in a Technological World – Message #57

The marketers of these mega-companies tapping teenagers for product sales are not going to be enamored with me, but, quite honestly, I don’t think I’m going to affect the industry’s multi-billion dollar revenue growth, but maybe I can help you as a dad arm yourself with a little health information that will help you guide your child to a healthier diet and therefore a better relationship platform moving forward.

Caffeine- another chemical your young child does not need to be in the habit of consuming. In general, younger people should have a higher capacity to meet high or flight conditions as long as they eat properly and get enough rest.

In the slight chance you are having a bonding experience with your child over a cup of coffee (maybe you’re warming your hands sitting in a duck blind or something), well excuse the interruption but it would still behoove you to understand how the caffeine in drinks like coffee and many “energy” drinks affects the body’s ability to produce its own natural “energy.”


Let me try to explain in a simple way what the problem is

Your body generates stimulants, like adrenaline and cortisol, in response to an urgent need, like making a public speech, running away from a bear or avoiding driving over pedestrian who is crossing the street.

Over the long term, several factors can affect the body’s ability to generate a normal amount and one of them is external stimulants, meaning, if your body begins to rely on an external stimulant, if maintain balance be reducing the production of the natural one.

Over a period of time, the body’s own little energy factories begin to shut down because the stimulant is being outsourced or shipped in from out of the body.

We know, when the body gets dependent on the cheap imports it’s hard to get the body’s economy back on its feet.


Rest is essential for long term health unless you happen to be a superman, and even supermen need rest.

Some humans, like Navy SEALS and other servicemen who serve in special operations units have shown to have an exceptional ability to heal themselves more quickly than the average human being. The exhibit fast rates of recovery. That mean, they can go harder, longer, and faster with less rest than most other people in part because their bodies have a natural tendency and are also trained to perform at exceptional levels.

Yet everyone who lives constantly in high stress situations, including your everyday engineer and more often than you think, high school students taking a truck load of AP classes, continue to drive cortisol and adrenaline production will begin to deplete less critical hormones in order to sustain those that will keep you alive. The body has a way of doing that, surviving, although, as in the case of hypothermia, is willing to protect your core organs at the cost of your fingers and toes (frost bite). More notably, for men and women, the sex hormones will suffer if the body is in constant “fight or flight” mode.

Ah, yes, rest and relaxation is so important to reduce the desire for the external stimulants.


Parenting through another influence

Although it is only one of many influences, helping yourself and your children understand the effects of various chemicals like caffeine on the body can help set them on a lifetime of healthy habits. The healthier you are, the better able you are in dealing with life’s troubles.





About Fatherhood in a Technological World

Fathers of young children in today’s modern society are facing unprecedented challenges with the wave of technology allowing ever easier access to the internet. The effect on your children has and will have a great influence on their growth. As a parent, you may be feeling the anxiety of having to confront the challenges of being at the end of the rail of the powerful forces driving technology into the laps and hands of your children.

Your work is cut out for you are a father. Even though popular culture doesn’t do well to herald the value of the leadership role of men in the form of fathers, let me tell you right now, being a father in this time and age has never been more important.

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