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Fatherhood in a Technological World – Message #28

Happy Thanksgiving Folks!

"Wild Turkey Fight" image source: birdsofoklahoma.net

“Wild Turkey Fight” image source: birdsofoklahoma.net

I feel like I’m going a little Dear Abby with an attitude on your guys now, but since today is Thanksgiving, I wanted to put out my blog early since:

  1. Today’s topic happens to be relevant for social interaction of which today is a big day for most people.
  2. I’m probably going to be in no condition to crank out a blog tonight when I usually would do it.


The dinner table

Sitting at the dinner table is a place where families have plenty of opportunities to establish traditions, manners, and rules for social intercourse. It’s a humble place, but it’s also a powerful place. Nowadays, technology is so pervasive, that it is common to see people flunking around with their wretched cell phone while at a dinner table – at least in public.

At your home, you can choose to sanctify your holy place with the exception and that is NO  TECHNOLOGY at the DINNER TABLE. That means you too, mom and dad. Lead by example.

To emphasize my point,  I don’t think it would be socially acceptable on You-tube that I change from my easy going delivery to an in-your-face drill instructor barking at people, although that would attract a crowd..but no, fortunately for you, my dear and much respected reader, who happens to read my blog,  you will be saved from such an undignified dressing down.

Are you with me? There’s just something bizarre and undignified about all of society not being aware of what’s around them, or who is around them, as they bow their collective heads in reverence to a thing in their hand. It’s as though, after the proliferation of smart phones, we’ve degenerated from a society of adults, to just dolts.

How about today? You can try something out of the ordinary (I got this idea from Dennis Rainey from Family LIfe), ask the person next to you:

“What’s the most courageous thing that you have done in your life?”

You might be surprised, they might be shocked. Oh, and don’t forget to put that cell phone down – the most important person in the world is the person who is in front of you.


In the video

I go over some rules that you might consider as part of the traditions you set forth at your dinner table and I would invite you to comment with your own ideas and observations.

Have a great Thanksgiving Celebration! I hope you have many reasons to be grateful and that every day your eyes will be open to more. I for one am grateful for you who happen to be reading a few of my thoughts.

Thank you!





About Fatherhood in a Technological World

Fathers of young children in today’s modern society are facing unprecedented challenges with the wave of technology allowing ever easier access to the internet. The effect on your children has and will have a great influence on their growth. As a parent, you may be feeling the anxiety of having to confront the challenges of being at the end of the rail of the powerful forces driving technology into the laps and hands of your children.

Your work is cut out for you are a father. Even though popular culture doesn’t do well to herald the value of the leadership role of men in the form of fathers, let me tell you right now, being a father in this time and age has never been more important.

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Use what you find that may be helpful and share some of your own insights in my comments.

Tag along for the ride and let’s see if we can cover some common ground.


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