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Fatherhood in a Technological World – Message #22

Blogger’s Note: Oh yeh, I know I’m not the only one with ideas on this subject and like all my articles, I am just giving you my perspective from one father in this world often learning from my own mistakes and others’.

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How to Develop Helpful Kids

How can parent attitudes encourage or stifle a child’s enthusiasm to be helpful?

Although it is possible to get children to do things by placing guilt trips on them, threatening them with punishment or loss of privilege if they do not do what you want them to do, those methods do not lend themselves to building a person with strong helpful traits.

It also can be a losing battle if you must rely on some kind of external reward to motivate your child to do the right thing. Know what that’s like?

While it is a sign of good character that people do their duty even when they do not feel like doing the right thing, it is a different characteristic having children who grow up with an ability to help for the joy of helping.

Can you think of those special people who are happy to help others? They tend to be socially attractive as adults, becoming people who others will want to help in return.

Note to the wary father: yes, of course you want to help a child become generous with his helpfulness and service, but without becoming the proverbial doormat! That would produce contempt rather than respect. I think that side of the issue goes more into building self-respect and a healthy set of boundaries in your child, those areas are not the focus of this message.

There are a lot of lessons to get into here, but getting back to the original message in the video, let’s take a look at some roadblocks parents may unintentionally burden their children with.





About Fatherhood in a Technological World

Fathers of young children in today’s modern society are facing unprecedented challenges with the wave of technology allowing ever easier access to the internet. The effect on your children has and will have a great influence on their growth. As a parent, you may be feeling the anxiety of having to confront the challenges of being at the end of the rail of the powerful forces driving technology into the laps and hands of your children.

Your work is cut out for you are a father. Even though popular culture doesn’t do well to herald the value of the leadership role of men in the form of fathers, let me tell you right now, being a father in this time and age has never been more important.

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