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Blogger’s Note:  Life has a lot going on and the last summer was no exception with many interests being triggered. One of the most important focuses is the concept of a happy home and appreciation for the current conditions in life despite the factors that I would otherwise consider obstacles.

I always have a lot on my mind I’d like to write about, but with respect for many of my home business and personal development articles, I want to share more thoughts about the aspirations for home business people and the transition state you may find yourself in. 


Are you stuck in a state of confusion in your home business or feeling like you are about to break?

Bruce Lee is quoted as saying “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

This has a lot to do with if you wil succeed in a fight, in your business or other major life direction. If you cannot excel at something, little is under your control.

But what is going on if you are stymied at the point of serious resistance? Which of the ten thousand kicks should you choose to practice 10,000 times?

Read on and you may receive some insights that will help you understand your plight and how to proceed.

Bruce Lee. Image source: google.com  (image may be subject to copyright).

Bruce Lee. Image source: google.com


Three Levels of Engagement

The approach to any project can be staged into 3 levels of engagement:
1) In order to succeed to the first level you have to rely on your Ability to execute an action.
2) To succeed to the second level you need a Passion to carry yourself through resistance.
3) To succeed to the third level your mission must align with your Purpose, meeting a need that is right at your core, to fulfill what time and space has placed upon your heart a true direction. It’s the attainment of this third level when the natural obstacles that everyone faces become surmountable despite the difficulties.

You’ve probably learned enough about your home business to know you need to have the commitment of an entrepreneur to succeed in creating the wealth or whatever your ultimate goal is. You may be asking yourself, what underlies commitment?

If you’re still struggling to get your business off the ground or punch through a wall, and you know you are not doing the work you know needs to be done, then finding out more techniques of how to market yourself, how to talk to people, how to hold meetings and turn yourself into a rock star is not what you need to be spending your time and hard earned money on. Just spending time and spending money will not result in success. It’s part of the 10,000 different kicks you are getting lost on when you need to refine 1 kick – the most important core development through which all kicks derive their power.


Where DO you need to invest in yourself?

It is true, you do need to invest in yourself and you do need to understand and practice skills, you do need to understand your business.  If you are doing the work, making necessary adjustments for effectiveness and seeing improvements, well, then I’m not necessarily writing to you. 

If you are stumped by your inaction or lack of results, you may be facing two obstacles:

1) You actually appreciate what you currently have and proceeding with your business or change causes a serious internal dissonance and/or,

2) You have not connected with your real Purpose yet.

Excuse my being blunt. To conduct your business in a way that makes a difference, in a way that is bigger and badder, requires you to change your lifestyle. It may be for a season of life, you will have less time for whatever you enjoy or appreciate now and sacrificing that needs to be weighed and considered.

No criticisms here, either you are willing to do it or you are not – that’s a personal decision and one that you shouldn’t be mislead, goaded or shamed in to doing. I cannot say whether your lifestyle and level of freedom and happiness is one to be desired or to be shunned – you have to make the call, but it is part of the personal development concept that you have to be grateful for where you are despite the fact you desire to achieve more. However, this principle only glances off the core reality.

It may be the business or change you are attempting may not be for you, or you are not yet ready for it. Realize that you need not to fool yourself.

So how can you know you are on a true path?


What does a clear direction look or feel like?

I would say, it will light up your life with you banging on all cylinders, setting you unquestioningly in a multiyear direction up until you achieve your goals or until you achieve something more profound that you did not anticipate. Your motivation may be reinforced by a vision, and that vision could be of any size or shape, large in scope, like a lifestyle or small and simple in scope like a uniform emblem, but whatever the vision, it will be built upon a really strong burning desire inside you that complements some or many of your strong attributes, skills or experiences.

Because you have no questions that this is the direction you want to go, you will in turn have that strong decisive commitment. Only encountering something of greater personal growth value will cause you to change direction.


How do you find it?

It may be in your process of looking at your life you can find how you’ve practiced one kick ten thousand times and you haven’t realized how it can serve you and help you set a powerful direction in your life – you won’t have to fake anything.  No faking it until you make it. 

It may come in a flash triggered by an event or an awareness, from where you will easily connect your life parts to the answer. Alternately, it may be the result from a survey of your life struggles and circumstances. In either case, in my experience, it comes in the quietness of an open mind.

I’ve experienced certainty of direction many times in my life and I believe I can discuss the mechanics of arriving at an insight but I cannot  tell you what your direction should be since my own were based on self-reflection and awareness of my personal struggles and strengths and not through academic study; therefore, great care must be taken to assume that mere force of character and persuasion of a role model, mentor or coach is enough to help you achieve identifying your Purpose.

I’m not saying it is the intention of leaders to become a surrogate of your own need to find your purpose, but it may be too easy to think that just following the steps of a leader’s training can result in success  and so you may ignore or overlook your need to find your Purpose. If your intention is to become a leader you need to connect with your Purpose. You may have heard about having a vision and a passion, even “the why that makes you cry.” I believe they need to be founded on your Purpose (whether you are aware of it or not) and altogether they produce right action.

I’ve discovered that I cannot manufacture or artificially stimulate Purpose, and I’ve discovered operating without it causes an internal dissonance which may be downplayed for a while but ultimately becomes undeniable.


You are responsible for your success – therefore, a warning

So to rephrase what I already wrote, a word of warning to you if you are abdicating your responsibility to determine your Purpose-filled path. You may be tempted to follow in the footsteps of charismatic people, if so you must, be careful not to bypass the critical step of knowing your Purpose. The training you receive in the meantime may be quite valuable, but remember, you are ultimately responsible for your success and choosing your path not your trainer. As a leader who attracts, you need to be on fire with a Purpose from within and not just mimic someone else despite their success level.


Freedom in Authenticity

When you put yourself in a position of faking it, you will sacrifice one of the keys to success and that is Authenticity. You will not be expressing your true self and therefore both you and those who you seek to deal with will sense the dissonance. This does not mean you will go about doing things without making mistakes, but there’s a difference between looking at a picture of a fire and standing next to a real fire.

Authenticity is what will brand you as a unique source of a real product or service that you offer.


Part of the Solution

Hence, there is greater need of meditation and multi-faceted ways of practicing it so it becomes a natural aspect of your daily awareness. You can begin by practicing a few minutes as part of your morning routine, but may advance it by seeking a form of quiet mind at all times, particularly in response to stress. The greater way is in achieving peace via an ongoing spiritual or calm mindfulness and being honest with yourself.  More frequent periods of inner peace allows powerful guidance to surface into your consciousness.

In Tai Qi, Qi Gong as well as other forms of physical meditation, we become more aware of parts of our body that are the source of pain or imbalance. Likewise, in your mental quietness, take note of everything that surfaces to your awareness, they can be an alert to the stumbling blocks to your path. For instance, anything from a physical pain, a troubled relationship, an overdue obligation –  these may need to be resolved and the lessons learned before you are able to further clear your mind and graduate to another level. Resolving these hurdles will prepare you for the next leg of your life whatever it may be, including a redefinition of Purpose.

You may already be receiving solutions and guidance, are you open to the possibilities to what your quiet messenger is already saying? At the stage you are at, those suggestions may not have any direct correspondence to your business but responding and taking action to what brings you inner peace will take you closer to where you need to be.

In your quietness, in your self-acceptance and honesty, you may also receive insights to your gifts.

Test your answers, but the correct answers related to your direction will come with peace despite the enormous amount of work that may be attached to it. Even if you have to practice one kick 10,000 times you will savor and value every single one and not be intimidated.

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