MLM: An appointed time to build up

 The is an appointed time for everything… a time to tear down and a time to build up.” – from Ecclesiatstes 3

Writer’s Note: I feel I owe the Universe one more blogpost before I put the practice of consistently blogging on official hold. And as of 7-10-14, surprisingly, this post has been prohibited by LinkedIn to be posted into groups. Weird.

What I have for you lucky person today is what looks like the equivalent to two weeks of standard blog posts which I originally wrote as one long train of thought.. I imagine that over time, people will refer to various parts.

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When my coach first told me I should stop blogging before I start seriously doing my offline recruiting, I didn’t want to believe him. I had been blogging since last June and almost daily since last September. However, what I discovered was my coach was right. Does that shock you?

I know some of you out there are super ambidextrously-minded and you are able to blog and go recruit and blog, great for you- you are a frickin’ genius, but I find I cannot. At least for the time being until I get my recruiting legs under me and flush out my recruiting system. So for the time being, I need to break the lectern down into pieces and use them for fire wood to start building a fire.


How are you making changes in your routine in harmony with your changing seasons?

You might get a few insights from my some of my experiences as I am making a course adjustment. It’s time to get off the pulpit and into the field.

It’s been about a year now since I’ve started blogging and the journey intellectually, mentally and spiritually has been worthy of an odyssey with the center piece being the pursuit of my entrepreneurial goals.

Less than a month ago I attended Ray and Jessica Higdon’s awesome Top Earner Academy Live (#TEAL2014), which was the transformational event I had anticipated it would be. Last weekend I returned from a week of family vacation up in beautiful Lake Tahoe. It’s great to get some of that relaxed perspective when you can break away from the constant bombardment of the weekly grind. Altogether, this last 30 days marks a turning point.

Have you had a transformational experience recently? Sometime you can schedule them. But once you go to one, are you ready to rock and roll? A lot of people have.


Season’s of Life

One of my first blog articles at about a year ago had to do with “The Seasons of Life” taught by the late great business philosopher, Mr. Jim Rohn, and the tree out in front of my house – after another year –  is once again in full bloom after going through its annual cycle of vibrant life to dormancy back to vibrant life.

The pursuit of personal development and leadership that started in 2011 as the result of feeling unfulfilled and directionless in a corporate cubicle job has gradually brought about a realization for me that we all have the ability, not only to dream, but through a driving necessity for change come up with a means to achieve that dream.

Are you in need of some direction in preparation for the coming season?

An incredible teacher and mentor, "America's Foremost Business Philosopher" Mr. Jim Rohn

An incredible teacher and mentor, “America’s Foremost Business Philosopher” Mr. Jim Rohn

Sometimes your mind has to catch up with your dreams

Honestly, I think It’s been a rough road in my mind this last year. There’s been many ah-ha moments and many periods of feeling the pangs of procrastination. Many fears that I have had were rooted in a lack of being in touch with my larger self and fears about all the things that could happen in my imagination. It helps to have a coach or mentor to help sort things out. It’s true, the greatest obstacles to fulfilling your dreams, even to achieve the miraculous, are the negative influences in your own mind, your self-doubt and fears of a future “what if.”

Originally, I had hoped to be in the position I am now last January 1st, but a certain level of confidence, knowledge and support are needed before you can begin blazing a new trail and those critical points will be a bit different for each of us. It may be you need to resolve another problem first, like an important relationship or relationships, before destiny allows you to move forward while minimizing the risks of self-sabotage.

In either case, learn to be at peace with your action or non-action. Chastising yourself is a waste of time and energy. Seek a positive purpose in every lull and plateau.

We all have dreams. What causes one person to pursue them and another to surrender or postpone them? Is there something holding you back that needs to be resolved first?




Need for Stability when supporting a family

Some of the greatest fears have been based on my natural desires to provide for my family. I am married and have two elementary-aged children. I earn a six-figure income and enjoy a certain lifestyle, reputation as a professional, time with family, friends, relationships, all parts of life’s puzzle that I have had to face the fear of “losing” or “risking” as a result of wanting more out of this life – my life.

You may think having a relatively large income may make things easier, but it manifests its own fear. There are fears a professional must undo to make a prospective career transistion, even if it is from a career that has become unfulfilling and a form of intellectual ditch digging – the self-doubt can take on a life of its own sapping your energy to take action. A big part of it becomes the attention given between your passion and your responsibility to maintain the income stream and performing in a job that I lack passion for (when it is paying the bills).

My problems are mine, you have your own problems and they are keep us from manifesting the greatness inside each of us. Have you spoken with someone or listened to someone you respect who has a transcendent understanding the problems you face? 


Envision in Grand Style: Photo by Challen Yee

Envision in Grand Style: Photo by Challen Yee

You have a Right to Pursue a Better Life 

We all have a right to achieve something better, something greater in life, in this personalized span of time and space. I believe every person does have an inner greatness that come with the soul, a soul that chose me, just like the soul that chose you. – all capable of greater things as we learn to unhinder ourselves of the destructive negative traps.

We unwittingly give safe harbor to – these mental obstacles we yield to and give a resting place when they ought to be slipping those little devils off into the netherworld without a bed to sleep on or much less a finger hold to dangle its deadly charges. These nameless faceless threats we give a name and a face to, when they have no right to be our passenger and discourager, seeking to distract and divert us away from the missions in life we are meant to take head on.

Despite the fears, I’ve always had a desire to take more control of where I want to be in life. Eventually, with my mind working the problems from various angles, from the perspective of the future and the present, getting the positive influences from coaches and mentors, there comes a point of taking committed action- taking the actions that must lead to a change in your routine, momentum, and life change. As you begin you know you cannot turn back and so you begin the journey.

Everything from improving your physical posture, saying daily affirmations, and declaring your intentions all continue to add to the catalyst to take action and defusing the fear that causes inaction. Clearly, the actual action is less painful that the anxiety leading up to it. Work on understanding that you do not have to be anxious. Meditate, exercise, take deep breathes if you need to but take action.

I like Ray Higdon’s daily routine of turning his cellphone to airplane mode when he sleeps and reading your powerful affirmations before you sleep and when you wake. Don’t turn that phone back on to the outside world until your affirm your inside world.

Get enough rest. Vince Lombardi said, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” So, unless you are super human, get enough rest in order to be more courageous. It has been said that 20 minutes of deep meditation during the day can be the equal to a night’s sleep.

What are your disciplines to ensure your daily performance?


11th Airborne paratroopers. Source:

11th Airborne paratroopers. Source:

Your Struggle is Important and Significant

Imagine that in your life you were designed to achieve some higher level of being and consciousness, and you were placed into it like an ancient Greek hero, a Ulysses in modern time. The dangers, the fears, you face take as much courage to overcome, because they are your fears and not someone else’s. These are the lessons you are destined to learn from by overcoming them in this life.

In this life, one person was meant to suffer the ordeal of combat, another was meant to fight injustice, another the loneliness or helplessness of being trapped in painful circumstances. Do not disrespect anyone, especially yourself.  Consider that the roles may have been reversed in another time and place and each embodied soul is in a crisis that is intended be transcended successfully.

How have you been maintaining your daily disciplines to weed out your negative traps? What crisis are you meant to transcend?


"Wild Turkey Fight" image source:

“Wild Turkey Fight” image source:

Carry the Eggs not the Shit

From my favorite Buddhist Monk’s philosophy, we need to carry the good of the past and not be confined by the negative influences that seek to keep us hostage to the past instead of being liberated to acting the present. Don’t leave the eggs in preference for the chicken shit, as Ajahn Brahm teaches. Use the shit for fertilizer to grow a stronger future, but don’t bring it into the house where it will disturb everyone around you.

In every case, you look at Time and you will do well to understand at some point that you cannot blow off opportunities that spark your passion. You also need to stay in the present and not get too anxious about the future, which will help keep your mind open enough to do what you must do to execute a plan.

What kind of non-serving shit are you constantly dragging around with you?


Photography by Challen Yee 1989

Photography by Challen Yee 1989

Don’t Suffer By Comparison

Learn not to be distracted by the success and failures of others. Beelieve in the abundance that awaits for you when you choose to step into what you see your role in now. Compliment others. Jealousy only subscribes to a lack of abundance.

Look for solutions in the success of others and the wisdom from other’s failures.

Are you being distracted by the performance of others instead of being inspired?



USS Bremerton- currently (2014) US Navy's oldest operational submarine.  I served on from 1983-1986.

USS Bremerton- currently (2014) US Navy’s oldest operational submarine. I served on from 1983-1986.

The most important time is NOW, not yesterday and not even tomorrow.

The “father” of the US Navy nuclear submarine force, Admiral Hyman G. Rickover is quoted as saying, “One must be ready to change his line sharply and suddenly, with no concern for the prejudices and memories of what was yesterday.”

As a former submariner, this has a very strong undersea warfare connotation for me, on the other hand, applied to personal development, we are not served by the past which restrains and inhibits us from acting on the current intelligence which indicate we much act in a contrary way to survive.

As Steven Pressfield developed the concept of Resistance, Resistance aims to kill, aiming straight for your heart, standing directly in your way, only to be overcome by inspired action, sometimes just being ignorant, stupid, and a willingness to be far from perfect. “What is so great about perfection?” Pressfield asks.

Underestimating Resistance and giving it your energy instead of punching through it is to surrender your greatness.

How have things changed in your heart that are providing new opportunities?


Sometime you need to find the track you belong on. Photography by Challen Yee 1989

Sometime you need to find the track you belong on. Photography by Challen Yee 1989

Choose your Way

Even in effort to run your business, you need to be wary of this rule of not being tied down to a particular strategy. You need to be aware of what makes you free to do what you should be doing which will create results. What is liberating for others could be bondage for you if done at the wrong time. There are many things we do, and sometimes it is blogging we must refrain from if we are to build our business.

As an old departed bicyclist friend, Jim Dein, used to say to me, “Not everything that can be done should be done.”

For instance, if you must build a team off-line, you need to do that and not make blogging a priority if it is consuming your energy to solve the offline problems. While it is possible to create a prolific presence on the internet, if it is not your intended primary income source (i.e. product sales, coaching or trainer for hire). In my experience, it can be a form of addiction to blog constantly if it is not part of your business plan, it can actually become an unintentional crutch in not facing realities of offline marketing. This is why I have moved from blogging almost every day to ever decreasing my tempo and priority of consistency and frequency, in this time when I need to focus on building a local team and knocking out the details of a recruiting system.

Now that you’ve learned so much, which vehicle will best lead to your desired results? 



When will I (or when should you) return to being  a prolific blogger?

I may go back to being a prolific blogger, I enjoy writing about many subjects and I do not regret blogging prolifically in the last year, but I want to use myself as an example how I am not emotionally restricting myself from making a strategic change in routine to support my higher goals.

This is another way of saying, that my use of the internet needs to be focused on my team and building it, prospecting, recruiting, and training, not necessarily creating a more prolific passive internet presence (although there can be some cross over).

I enjoy blogging, yet when you work full-time in engineering, have a family and other obligations, it becomes a personal time management issue and responsibility for the people most influenced by your decisions.

Changes come with Seasons.

If it was meant to be, you’ll find new opportunities. Are you ready to let non-mission critical activities go for now if they are holding you back from crucial tasks?



Manly Men wear their uniforms with pride and purpose, Manly horses too. London 1989- challen

Manly Men wear their uniforms with pride and purpose, Manly horses too. London 1989- challen


My suggestion for you is, whatever you seek to do in life, you have to do it to your heart’s satisfaction before you can say it wasn’t for you. You have to be willing to give your all before you can grow beyond your current self-imposed limits. Be willing to have your confidences and your flimsy excuses crushed knowing that the Universe and your soul will restore your spirits to greater power. You’re going to have to get right back up right after you get slapped down with adversity and renew your effort and know that through your fear exists your next achievement and ultimately your dreams of a better life.

 Invent solutions and not excuses. Are you ready to take action?



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