Big Trouble in Little Chores

Procrastination = The cancer that lingers in the heart of every well-intended business person that if not attacked with great prejudice, will knock out your dreams deader than a doorknob.

I was continuing my reading of Michael Masterson’s book “Ready, Fire, Aim” and am impressed by the laws of running a multi-million dollar business that can be applied to a small home networking marketing business. In particular, I was fascinated by those “Little cares” that get in people’s way of starting on the business.

Here I am going to excerpt a great section from Masterson’s book where he explains from his personal experience the power of taking action as opposed to the ease in which many of us experience self-inflicted delays in going forward with our dreams.

Jim Rohn referred to Masterson’s “little chores” as “little cares.” Maybe you remember.

Let’s get to it read what Michael Masterson wrote…




In the world of entrepreneurship, product stillbirths are born from a two-headed monster. One head is the God of Perfectionism. The other is the God of Procrastination.

“I will get to it as soon as I finish up with such and such.”

That is the most common thing I hear when, after someone gets me excitedly about a new business idea they have, I ask them when they are going to get started.

When I hear that excuse, I think: “This person is a loser.”

That’s not a nice thing to think. And I feel bad about having the thought each time I have it. But experience has taught me that the thought is right even if the emotion is wrong. These people may be successful in many ways, but if they are telling me that they will start something later, chances are they won’t start it at all.

At least not without some sort of intervention.

I have been the one who did the intervening several times. After listening to a friend or colleague blather on about something he was going to do “just as soon as …” I challenged him to put up or shut up.

The challenge itself probably wouldn’t have been enough. To give the person an incentive, I usually offered to be his partner. “Okay,” I’d say. “Here’s what we can do. I’ll give you some general advice. You learn the business and you do all the work. I’ll take the money risk. You take the time risk. In the end, we’ll be partners.”

In most cases, they agreed without hesitation. But there were a few-people who actually told me that they would take me up on my offer. . . but only after they finished a couple of little chores.

I was offering to help them realize their long-held dream. They weren’t taking any financial risk. All they had to do was get going. How these people could have put off such a chance in order to take care of chores baffled me. I knew they would never come back to me, and they didn’t.

Those who took me up on my offer, without a single exception, all succeeded. Two built $10+ million nutritional-supplement businesses. Three became multimillion-dollar publishers. One developed a million-dollar income providing public relations services to public companies. Still another created the largest and most successful training program for copywriters in the world.

Are You Waiting For? Start Firing Already!

After talking about their dreams for so long, these people were all emotionally ready. Some of them hadn’t bothered to ask the seven questions (I hadn’t yet formulated them) or write a short business plan, but they were all ready to get going the moment I made the offer.

In all, I have about a dozen such success stories. It is not a large sample but it is large enough for me. It made me realize how much a part of success taking action is. What separated these 12 entrepreneurs from the three or four who turned me down was not skill or knowledge or experience. It was just their willingness to fire when the time was right for firing.

(end excerpt)

What are your little chores or your little cares holding you back from something big?


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