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As a network marketer, you may have trained yourself not to think of yourself as a salesman and you may be haunted by the memory or myths of only bad salespeople. Instead, you are an enthusiastic customer, you are out to share your positive experiences, you’ve got a great opportunity you want to let other’s know about. And, maybe just too many people have told you, “I don’t think I could be a salesman” and you shy away from believing you are one yourself or that anyone should be one.

Well, I’m here to suggest to you, it could be you need to embrace that role and understand that being a true salesman and accepting that it’s actually a good thing, a very good thing.

One of the most impactful sales teachers ever is Mr. Zig Ziglar.

I haven’t written much about Zig, but you would be hard pressed to find anyone better who can make you proud to both be a salesman and a human being both at the same time.

After listening to some of his talks recently I want to share and paraphrase some of this teachings with a few other ideas from other teachers for seasoning. It’s important to let you know I am paraphrasing, not quoting in most cases.

Mr. Zig Ziglar during an interview with Chris Widener (image source: you-tube)



A common trait among all great salesmen is Integrity.

If you can sell anything to anyone, you are a con-artist, not a salesman. A con-artist is not interested in the welfare of the client only short term self-interest.

You are out to help others for their long term benefit.


What’s the difference between commitment and involvement?

Commitment is when you get into a jam and you want to figure out how to solve the problem.

Involvement is when you get into the same jam and you want to figure a way to get out of your commitment.

Mr. Zig Ziglar during an interview with Chris Widener (image source: you-tube)


Positive Thinking, it may not allow you to do everything, but it will absolutely help you achieve anything your abilities can take you to.

Don’t think “alarm clock” think “opportunity clock.”

Commitment leads to seeking training. Dedicated training leads to behavioral changes and that will lead to winning habits.

You need to be positive, Einstein referred to an 11 to 1 ratio of positive statements needing to neutralize a single negative statement. I’ve heard Les Brown say 17. In either case, I think you get the idea.


Business success and Home success are synergetic and interdependent. What good is all the business success in the world if you lose your family?
Also Jim Rohn said, “Better to live in a tent on a beach with the one you love rather than in a mansion all by yourself.” Moreso, Gary Vaynerchuk’s three keys to success, “”Love your family, work super hard, follow your passion.”

Zig reminds us, when you are working, focus on work. When you have opportunity to rest, rest. That way you can’t complain that you don’t have time for one of the other.
Jim Rohn also spoke of how “Whatever you do and where ever you are – BE THERE!”

Motivation follows action and creates energy.

Mr. Zig Ziglar during an interview with Chris Widener (image source: you-tube)

Images: Mr. Zig Ziglar during an interview with Chris Widener (image source: you-tube)


One of the most powerful stories that Zig spoke about was his encounter with the office executive who caught Zig back stage before a talk. She wanted to complain about the job she was hating. She was convinced feeling everything was wrong with her workplace.

Zig warned her that her job was in jeopardy because no workplace could contain that much venom for long, he exhorted her to follow an assignment.

With only a few minutes to work, Zig had her agree to write a list of everything that she liked and valued about her job, everything from her nice office, her income, her short commute to her employee benefits and many perks. Then at home and while looking at herself in the mirror, she had to recite “I love my job because [the sequence of things she appreciated from her job].” Her first reaction to the assignment was one of resentment but she was wise enough to comply with his instructions and repeat this procedure for weeks (Zig mentioned that if you keep anything up for about 21 days it will become a habit).

The technique of replacing the out of control negativity with accentuated positive facts transformed the bitter executive to an appreciative and happy person.

Reviewing stories like this reminds you of the power your mind has to change your perception of the circumstances, it can help you see, in a moment, opportunities that you could not see if you were blinded with negativity.

That’s why a daily or what I call “walking doses” of positive affirmations play a powerful role in your preparation to reach out to others, assessment of their reactions and control of your own reactions.

Did you not like salesmen before? You need to get over that negativity in order to become the best representative for your company and the best ‘salesman’ for your own company you can be.


Here’s one Zig Ziglarism for you. When someone asks how you are doing, respond with, “Super Good, but I’ll get better!”

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