Mindset Bombs – cancer treatment philosophy

Life is full of surprises and misdirections, you rarely get from point A to point B without a boatload of chicken poop being strewn in your path. Now hold on…

Take a slow deep breathe (meditation)

That’s what life is like (personal development- mindset)

We want to get onto “sales and marketing” training and be “inspired to action” to do what you think you want and yet sometimes, life sends you knuckleballs. For those of you who do not know what a “knuckleball” is, it is a pitch in the sport of baseball that is just weird.

But not to make light of a serious subject, the attitudes and beliefs we form are greatly affected by those who we respect as authority figures. There is another general rule in personal development: don’t just follow along, become a student, you’ve got to learn to think for yourself.

Life is wider and deeper than the  ocean, so it's okay not to know everything you have yet to learn.- photo by Challen Yee


Mindset Bombs – cancer treatment philosophy

In my health and medicine practice, I see mindset of patients from different angles. One person I’ve spoken with recently is being assessed for a potential re-emergence of a malignant tumor. She was fortunate to have it declared as shrinking and under such condition that radiation was no longer needed.

She had significantly changed her diet to one that was enormously healthier and the results of that showed in her countenance and energy levels. That was about a year ago and since then she has justified a certain amount of backsliding in her diet.

All along, the surgeon and oncologist have not emphasized the benefits of diet and nutrition in regards to fighting cancer, nor have they pointed out environmental effects that can contribute to causing cancer. I guess that’s why people need to go to a holistic doctor to get those points of views.

IMHO, this goes into some of what I’ve written about in how many of us are sabotaged by our existing belief systems. You may be going to an oncologist, who may only specialize in the administering of chemotherapy, radiation and the referral to surgery and think that that is the only way to attack a cancer.
In fact, that person may tell you straight out, that “There is no evidence that diet and nutrition play a role in fighting cancer.”

This is where I get very irate.

It’s not my intention to go into a full detox article here, some health and detoxification information can be found in my other blog “BestBuckBuck.com” (go to link on header).

The point is this, if you are not aware of various factors which can contribute to a cancerous condition by helping allieve or to exacerbate it, you may not listen until an authority figure tells you. But then what happens when you have an authority figure who appears to be advising that you, for all practical purposes, to ignore recruiting the body’s own ability to rectify problems? Of course, no one can assure a cure, but who would disregard a potent arsenal that can deliver positive results with minimal adverse effects when fighting a war for survival?

Somewhere in the subconscious is a desire to believe that it hasn’t got it wrong all these years and then stifles corrective action. That’s part of the insidiousness of a belief system that, even when challenged, may cause resistance to taking steps to save life.


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