You + Team = Value Added

What value do you add to your team?

As a leader, how are you creating your team’s culture?

The business of network marketing is in the early stages of a boom that has been over 100 years in the making. With the power of the internet making the world a much smaller place, and international and domestic transport companies doing well to catch up with explosion of goods and service orders, what was inconceivable not long ago is making dreams come true on a massive scale for those who are willing to challenge their programmed notions of success and take on the mantle of the modern day gold miner, with helmet, pick and shovel.

Jim Rohn’s story about asking a friend “John” to help dig for gold has never been more apt. And most of the “John’s” are still saying, “Do you know what they want for shovels nowadays?” I suggest you consider the finer points of your average shovel or if you prefer a run of the mill garden hoe that would work also.

Network marketing in the current era is much more than building a residual income. The concept of “team” has taken on a life of its own in the age where people are more intimate with their handheld device than they are with the person next to them. Network marketing at its core, is the antithesis of isolation, its ripple effect can permeate across social boundary and prejudice for the majestic purpose of the pursuit of happiness and freedom, building comrades through all strata of society.

There is a passage in the book titled “The Four Year CAREER”(2013) written by Richard Bliss Brooke that does a fine job of capturing the ethos of a new generation of business being done here and around the world.

Let’s see how he writes it…

Venice: One of the most romantic cities in the world

Venice: One of the most romantic cities in the world (1989) photo by ChallenYee



The Renaissance of the Family & Community by Richard Bliss Brooke

Yes, it is true that building a sales organization of on-fire volunteers is still a challenge. However, it is being done, and in a powerful way. The biggest challenge is in erasing people’s negative beliefs and biases about the Network Marketing concept and replacing them with what those of us who have already done it know to be true. And, it’s coming … one day soon, world consciousness will shift and most people – yes, most everyone – will in some way be a part of this dynamic, wealth-building industry.

Opportunity appreciation is not the only factor fueling the future of Network Marketing. It is also fueled by people’s basic need to connect with others, to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and to have a sense of community.
Most of us know all too well that the family has disintegrated in many segments of our country. Since family is the foundation of neighborhoods and communities, they too have been compromised.

Most of the industrialized world is deeply entrenched in the rat race – parents with full-time careers, day care, career advancement, soccer, music lessons, phones, faxes, e-mail, Internet, pagers, cell phones and Blackberry/iPhone mania -payments, payments and
more payments. Some of us are winning the race, but it has been said, “We are still rats!”

Today, people are longing for a return to a real, safe, relaxed of freedom and soulful connection with others. People want to play together, pray together, get to really know each other, and most importantly, to be known by others.

We want to improve ourselves, to have more pride in ourselves, to love and respect ourselves. We are hungry for guidance and support that will help us grow to be more powerful, more generous and more self-assured. Anyone who has come full circle can tell you that there are things that bring true happiness. Happiness is “being” home.

Achieving financial success and status are wonderful, especially if the alternative is being financially strapped to a life of despair. I think we’d all be better off rich, but money is relative the more you have, the more you think you need.

Or, as it has been said, “Money is relative. The more you have, the more relatives you have.” There is a point, however, where we must have the wisdom to know when enough is enough.

This return to basic human values in business is a subtle, yet powerful force driving the Network Marketing industry. By its very nature, Network Marketing is a people-intensive business. If you pursue it, you will have people- thousands of them – supercharged into your life. You will have your group, your upline, your local area group, and your entire company as extended family and community groups.

These are the qualities that will endear you to your family and to the community you create:


Network Marketing may offer the most dynamic environment within which we can develop our spirituality, and manage our humanity at the same time. It’s a journey most people find exhilarating.


What are some simple ways you can add value to your team’s culture?


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