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Don’t be ashamed about money and wealth

One of the most candid passages I have come across regarding people’s motivations to become successful in network marketing was written by Mark Yarnell in his book “How to become Filthy Stinking Rich through Network Marketing.” Quite a title isn’t it?

A quiet day at Versailles (1989): Photo by Challen Yee

A quiet day at Versailles (1989): Photo by Challen Yee

In his introduction to his section on “The Rejection-Free Strategies,” Yarnell talks about the need to be able to approach large numbers of people in order to become wealthy in network marketing and that a common motivation for most everyone is money.

Yarnell writes, “[While there are] numerous adult report cards – measures of success. It would be disingenuous of me to place maximum value on any of them. Some are motivated by money, others by titles. Some strive for celebrity, others for tenure. Some say raising children properly is their ultimate priority, while others don’t want children of their own because their careers mean everything to them. I respect everyone’s choices.” He goes on, “Most people enter this industry because they are interested in earning money. It would be untruthful to pretend otherwise.”

I like how Yarnell just puts it out there, how money is important and nothing to be ashamed of. Even though as principled network marketers, we set out with a sincere desire to truly help others improve their lives, we need to know how to speak to others about money in a way that doesn’t sound like you’re selling the proverbial used car. You need to be comfortable with the subject once it arises.

Remember, money is just a currency used by people to attain a variety of goals and dreams. Let people talk about their hopes and listen to hear how they could use some help.



Another important reason not to be offended by wealth and money, is you will sabotage yourself from being able to achieve it, if you are striving for something that you have convinced yourself is bad or only for unworthy people. Most people may not believe that they shun wealth, but  what was your last reaction to the latest extravagant purchases by a celebrity? Studies have shown that if you have a negative reaction to this kind of display of wealth, you are less apt to achieve it since it somehow links your perception that great wealth to your prejudice, jealousy, or other negative mindset about wealthy people. That negative subconscious link will sabotage your efforts to achieve wealth for yourself. Gives you some extra mojo in what it means to be non-judgmental doesn’t it?

Remember, people can be a force for good or evil, but that is not determined by their wealth.  Wealth magnifies what people are innately. So if you are a good person, why shouldn’t you achieve greater influence so that you can do more good in the world and your community. Doesn’t that just add an extra dimension to the Parable of the Talents?

I appreciate the contemporary charitable giving movement, especially among the young professionals who are out to build wealth in order to give greater amounts of sustainable donations to charity or to create their own charitable organizations. That is so cool! The old model of charity is the non-profit organization, where they require charitable donations or they are out of business. If you are successful in building a profitable business or a residual income, that can be a true force for good if your heart is in the right place.

Start embracing wealth.


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