Building For the Next Event

Now that you are creating a team, how are creating your culture? How about using an event to keep your team anchored?

My wife and I were sitting at one of our favorite restaurants last weekend with family and friends and the thought occurred to us that we wanted to plan to have big meeting there. The small caveat, we want to fill the whole restaurant. That’s one of our ideas of fun, planning a big event and filling the vacuum created by big ideas.

When I got home, I found this nice blog-sized write up by Steve Thompson in his book “Relationship Marketing” that will get your taste buds adjusted to the importance of events in general.


Without further delay, let’s read what Steve has to say about events…

San Francisco, the beautiful City by the Bay.  Image source:

San Francisco, the beautiful City by the Bay. Image source:


“Building For the Next Event” by Steve Thompson

Check out any expert in MLM and they will talk about building for the next event. I Call that a clue. Events are what builds belief and strengthens a consultant’s belief to help bring about success. Every event has an impact on the growth of your business and that of your company. In my company, the largest event is the National Convention (We are only in a few states as of this writing). More than a third of our annual production comes in the two or three months following that event. What does not come in from that event is extremely influenced by that event and other events that build toward it. That is true of every Network Marketing Company. If you don’t get that, you won’t get it!

I am not a convention person. I come from the Insurance Industry and I dreaded every meeting and convention. I am a self-motivated, action-oriented guy. However. I learned that most people are not that way. Most people can’t wait for the next event and it is the highlight of all they do. Once I learned this, it became the driver of my business as well. MLM is not about you! It is about helping others and if you want to be successful you had better center your business on building for the next event.

The next event is the next event. All year long we talk about the major event that is coming but as leaders we focus on having many small events, leading to larger events, leading to the big event, which leads to big success! Yet only about 5% of the representatives of any given company will show up for the largest of all events. Why? They don’t know what you now know!

Human nature is to band together. Everyone loves a winner and events are a gathering of winners and those that want to win. Life is a blessing, but life is tough. No one of us can accomplish that much alone. But when we band together as a Team, we can move mountains! That is the nature of a well-planned event. Attending events will take you far but instigating and orchestrating them will take you over the top!

No one has ever built a large, fast growing, dynamic and exciting business without utilizing large exciting group presentations. One on one presentations are important. Two on one presentations lead to success. Home meetings, especially to launch a new consultant’s business are an integral part of success. When done right, all of those tools lead to the Large Group, Corporate Overview often referred to as an Opportunity Presentation.

At each gathering and at the end of each conversation and presentation/training, we are talking about the next event. It is hard to stay on track if there is no target. The next event serves as the next target. We want to be talking to and about who can reach the next promotion level or sales quota by the next event so they will be recognized for their achievement at the event. Never forget: Most people will do far more for recognition than they will for money!

For some that may not make sense but understand that it is one of the laws of human behavior and whether you agree with it or not will not change it. Make sure recognition is a part of every gathering and every conversation for that matter. It is the Great Motivator!


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By the way, another great source of material that I found about leveraging a big team event is Richard Matharoo’s “Full Time MLM Formula.”

If you’re a really astute reader of mine, you will have noticed that I missed a day yesterday. This was due to some time management issues I’m experiencing with an additional responsibility. In the meantime, I plan on experimenting  with my blogging frequency to keep life under control. Thanks for reading.

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Challen Yee

Challen Yee


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