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I was on Ray Higdon’s webinar last night on “Success Secrets of Top Team Builders” and as what you would expect from Ray, his program over delivers value.

This was not a free webinar, but any of the contributions from Ray or either of the four other top team leaders, Richard Matharoo, Terry Gremaux, Ashley Hendricks and Chris Carroll, would have singlehandedly over-delivered value for the ticket price.

Network Marketing gets such a bad rap from so many people who did not succeed and choose to blame their unsuccess on the industry rather than themselves or on individuals. It’s a little like getting layed off from Intel and then saying the semiconductor industry is a scam. Does that make any sense at all? Of course not.

One of Network Marketing’s strengths is virtually anyone over the age of 18 can join. As a result, you have a wide gamut of experiences for a profession that has a low barrier of entry. If you’d be interested in knowing, many people who spends tens of thousands of dollars, or much more, achieving a 4 year college degree make no money in the field they studied. Does that make the college a scam, does that make that industry a scam?

With those wonderful thoughts in mind, it was an absolute pleasure to hear each professional talk about how leadership helps inspire and guide the growth of their communities. They also shared a few of their practices they believe are critical for team building. And by the way, there was no plugging of any companies, it was all purely non-denominational training on how to succeed.

Envision in Grand Style: Photo by Challen Yee

Envision building a team in Grand Style: Photo by Challen Yee



I wanted to pass along to you some of their ideas in concept rather than specific detail as I need to quickly complete a coherent blog post. I’m writing from my notes, so please forgive any minor misquotes.

Richard Matharoo: Ask yourself, “Am I worth following?”
This is a self-evaluation of your personal development and branding, as he would say, “You are your business. Be the change that your target market wants to see in themselves.” He also exhorts people to avoid the all too common problems by “practicing posture not pester.”

Terry Gremaux: His motto is based on, “Let’s go do this together!” It is a common practice of his to help new recruits on their first few calls to get them off to a good start, particularly when the first people they are calling a most likely their best warm market prospects. “Don’t make it a job atmosphere… make things fun.”

Ashley Hendricks: Ashley’s team has grown mainly through social media and online nurturing. One of the keys to her success is the development of an “infrastructure that promotes community.”
Create an system that is “sticky” with a duplicatable system, resources and opportunities, like weekly Google Hangouts, and other online “social proof nights.”

Chris Carroll: He advises his team members to “genuinely connect with others [through] up-front vision meetings.” During these meetings, build rapport by taking the time to ask prospects questions about themselves and determine what their vision is. Share how your vision matches with theirs. After they join, have “accountability” meetings to make sure everyone’s expectations are being met.

Each of these network marketing team leaders emphasizes celebrating the successes of their members, ways to help them be more objective in their prospecting, a strong vision, and integrity. I admire good managers and each of these people exude ideal managerial and leadership qualities.


How not to mirror and match

Ray Higdon offered a story which had to do with seeking a plumber to install an under the sink water purifier. In his search arose a good example of what not to do if you are trying to build rapport with a client and that is, do not offer a conflicting vision of what your client expects of you if you want their business.

After Ray explained what he needed, the plumber proceeded to explain how he spends most of his time removing under sink water systems instead of installing them but then, he added, “I could still come and do the job.” Turned off by either the plumber’s self-sabotage or wacked out sense of matching and mirroring, Ray decided not to go with THAT plumber.


If you would like to get a copy of the webinar, please go to www.rayhigdon.com to check for the latest details.


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