Are you desperate? There is hope

Are you finding yourself this morning on the verge of hopelessness? Maybe you know someone who is.

Rest assured, you are on one of the familiar paths that life will take you and it will help to know where you are on that roadmap so you can get seek some directions to get you back on your Way.

This morning’s passage comes from Jim Rohn’s introduction from his book “The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle” (1991) and you may find yourself exactly where life intends for you to be today.

It helps to know where you are. You are experiencing life in all of its ups and downs.

Let’s see what Jim has to write…

An incredible teacher and mentor, "America's Foremost Business Philosopher" Mr. Jim Rohn

An incredible teacher and mentor, “America’s Foremost Business Philosopher” Mr. Jim Rohn


How the Process of Change Begins

We may be driven to change out of desperation. Sometimes our circumstances can become so out of control that we almost abandon our search for answers because our lives seemed to be only filled with irresolvable questions. But it is this overwhelming sense of desperation that finally drives us to look for the solutions.

Desperation is the final and inevitable result of months or years of accumulated neglect that brings us to that point in time where we find ourselves driven by urgent necessity to find immediate answers to life’s accumulated challenges.

(end excerpt)

The next part of what Jim writes about is “inspiration.” So get ready, and be open to what will inspire you out of this morass you find yourself hung up in.

Isn’t that neat how life works?


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