Are you failing successfully?

How would you like to finally get over the fear factor involved with offline prospecting? How would that benefit you this week?

Sometimes you just need a another expert’s unique perspective to help you punch enough holes into your fear to get you cranking. Even an idea you’ve heard before can help you break through after hearing it one more time.

One of many great books that is an easy read and gives a good overview of building a network marketing team is Steve Thompson’s “Relationship Marketing” (2013). As the title suggests, he emphasizes the importance of developing a helpful and leadership building attitude towards all team members and the value of an attractive network marketing community. He gives his personal view of the real work it takes to build a successful business and also explains his popular four-color system of quickly evaluating the personality types of prospects.

Today I want to excerpt a passage where Steve simply writes about the importance of doing and failing as I believe network marketers can always use a helping hand to reinforce their mindset and encouragement to do the work.

So let’s find out how to fail well enough to succeed…


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The number one reason people do not join or quit so soon is Fear of Rejection! Why is that?

Most of us grew up being told:

-Don’t do that!
-You can’t have that!
-You can’t do that!
-Or just plain: NO!

None of us likes to be told no. No one wants to feel rejected or turned down. No one wants to fail. However, one of the most important Success Lessons is that:

You must learn to be willing to face rejection and failure over and over and embrace it as part of the learning process. After all, if you learn from failure it is not really failure. You have heard the cliches: The Homerun King has more Strike Outs. The basketball star has missed more shots than he made

You cannot succeed your to success!
You must fail your way to success!

and the Greatest Inventers fail over and over before they give us electricity, medicine, surgical procedures, technological advances all other great achievements.
Next, you have to realize that they are not really rejecting you but rather your product, service or opportunity. And frequently no does not mean no, it means not now or I don’t have enough information. Don’t take it so personal. After years in MLM I can tell you that you really can’t say just the right thing to the wrong person.

Then you have to keep moving on.


This is not for everyone. Let’s face it. It is not for most. Sure everyone can do it but they won’t! Sure you want it and feel it and perhaps you’re even passionate about it but most people will say NO!

Regardless of how good you get at this:
• 80% of the people you ask will not even take a look.
• 50% of the ones that say they will look will not.
Only 50% of the ones that look will take the next step and join.

However, if you teach your Team to ask 2 or 3 a day it is a very manageable number for a part time person. That is at least 10 a week of which two people will say they will take a look and one will. Every two weeks you have a new Representative and if that goes through your downline, you are a raging success — You have now Failed Your Way to Success!


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