How are you overcoming rejection?

Prospecting: The action method of overcoming rejection

Note: One of my favorite MLM authors is Mark Yarnell. His book “The First Year in Network Marketing” helped open my eyes to the possibilities of the industry. Here I am taking a key passage out of his book which emphasizes one of the key ingredients to success in MLM.

Get ready for what every prospecting network marketer needs to know if you are not getting results and feeling overcome by rejection…

Feeling left out? Prospect more people.  // Getting ready to go to Versailles from Paris (1989) .Photo by Challen Yee

Feeling left out? Prospect more people. // Getting ready to go to Versailles from Paris (1989) .Photo by Challen Yee

Not Talking to Enough People

If we only talk to a dozen people in the course of a week, the act of rejection by those few becomes bigger than life. If we contact a few dozen people each week, rejection is no problem because a few always get involved! Remember the law of balance: Increase the number of approaches and decrease the impact of rejection.

Susan averaged ten contacts a week in her business because she was working part-time and had an extremely busy schedule. Because she was working from her warm market list she had a high ratio of positive responses. Five promised to come to her Tuesday night business briefing to learn more about this opportunity. Two actually showed, but neither signed. All she could think about were the three who didn’t show, and the fact that they didn’t even have the courtesy to call and cancel. Four more weeks of that kind of rejection and she will be out of the business. Why? Because her prospecting numbers are too small. Susan may be a hypothetical prospect in our example, but such low-number prospecting can and indeed has, forced would-be legends right out of business – shot down by rejection.

Unless, as a part-timer, you are approaching at least five to ten prospects per day, you are not serious about succeeding in this business. As a serious part-timer, those numbers should increase, and as a full-timer, they can grow to thirty or more per day once entering the cold market. Meeting attendance and brochure reading doesn’t count as “real time.” When first launching your business, if your goal is to build an organization, 80 percent of your time should be spent prospecting. All other activity is busywork until you have achieved a certain level of success. Do not become a professional audience participator! Get out of the bleachers and onto the field.

Remember: It is sheer magnitude of the numbers of prospects we approach that keeps us from overreacting to those who do reject our approaches – Mark Yarnell


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