Top Earner Success School and Precursors to providing Value

Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Success School (TESS) group coaching program and Precursors to providing Value

Writer’s Note: I was listening to a Napoleon Hill audio yesterday and interestingly enough, the subject of providing value and service, to over deliver value and service, is not an new concept. It was uncovered, as a training tool, a century ago when Hill began doing his milestone research on the accumulation of wealth and the mindset necessary to do so.


Providing for yourself is Important

As I sit here writing my blog yet another day, I wonder who will find value in what I write. But if you follow Hill’s other guiding ideas, you must first be able to please yourself before you can effectively please and be a service to others.

No doubt I enjoy writing and sorting ideas, otherwise I wouldn’t be dedicating this time almost every day to launch another blogpost. So I get some value, working on ideas as a benefit for myself regardless if anyone reads this.

It reminds me of another Jim Rohn advice about, “Instead of I’ll take care of you if you take care of me, that’s short-sighted, instead, I would say, I’ll take care of me for you, if you take care of you for me.


On Training

On my way to work yesterday, when I usually listen to Family Life Today Radio, a couple was being interviewed about their new book on how to improve marriages. The husband, apparently had experience in the military and came up with an analogy that seem extra ordinarily apt for many situations we find ourselves in life and he asked this question, which I will paraphrase,

“If you were put into the cockpit of a fighter jet and were told to fly it, what would your reaction be?” Is it going to be one of abject fear, doubt and rejection or will it be “This is going to be the most awesome ride of my life.”

The point is, your training is important in the execution of attaining your goals and being able to perform a given task can determine how you respond to the situation you become faced with.

That’s what I want to say about Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Success School and why I choose to educate myself in, not only network marketing which is a great opportunity for anyone who has need for the benefits it can provide.

Graduated from Ray Higdon's Top Earner Success School on 4-22-2014

Graduated from Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Success School on 4-22-2014


The course covered the following subjects on a weekly basis, which included challenging homework assignments to put your knowledge to work:

1) Vision Building
2) Cold Market Recruiting
3) Closing
4) Attraction Marketing
5) Blogging
6) Branding
7) Speaking and Training
8) Duplication and Team Building
9) Bringing it all together

It was great to work in a group environment centered around weekly webinars where I could benefit from the wisdom of not only Ray but with all the supportive participants through our private Facebook group.
One of the greatest benefits is the process of weeding out your fears about failure and the process of meeting people.


Changing your perspectives

Ray recently made an apt comment that puts things in good perspective, which I will put in my own words, “If I reach out to someone it’s not with the attitude of “Hey do you want to buy something?” Rather, it’s with the reality of “You seem like you could be a great person to work with” then finding out what their needs are and then offering them something that, if they have an honest need, would be of immense value to them. It’s all about helping others see their options and as a team leader, to help provide inspiration and guidance in their efforts to achieve their goals.

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