A satirical look at social media Purgatory

Writer’s Note: Lucky you! If you are finding my post today you are one of the lucky few because I am currently in Linkedin purgatory. As a matter of fact, I’m on Twitter purgatory also.
This is not what I wanted to write about today, but I feel I have some opinion I want to express regarding both company’s policy on restricting sharing to groups, or in Twitter’s case, using their Ad program to get more Twitter followers. And when you’ve got the creative ideas going and you’ve got to blog everyday anyway, go with the flow…

Remember that old Olivia Newton-John song called “Let’s get Physical?” Well, today it is “Let’s get Satirical.”

"Wild Turkey Fight" image source: birdsofoklahoma.net

“Wild Turkey Fight” image source: birdsofoklahoma.net… if I had a picture of the fat and stupid kind of turkey I would have used that one.

In a sentence, I believe, these social media company policies are based on a “Guilty until proven innocent” model. Except there is no way to prove your innocence. So that reduces what I believe to “Guilty until …(some arbitrary time  since no one is leaving any specific details why you broke the law in the first place).”

If you want to know what living life without the protection of the Constitution of the United States, you can start getting your feet wet by getting on these social media sites and communicating one step outside of some arbitrary box.

In both cases, I am not directed to the exact reason or cause that resulted in a violation. It is like, while you were out driving yesterday, a spy camera caught you violating the law somewhere, but you are not told where or any details, it’s just, “Refer to your DMV manual. you broke the law and do not drive your car.” You know that’s coming too, with the advent of self-driving cars or electronically controlled cars and some bored people monitoring your driving in a police state, this kind of horse pooh is around your corner. The moral of the story is, do not sell your grandfather’s car. Yeah, that old beat-up Studebaker, at least it won’t become a foot soldier in the loss of your civil rights.

These kinds of “we put you in purgatory” policies are the opposite of “innocent until proven guilty.” Can anyone shed some light on how these types of procedures seem to given a potential of one disgruntled person the power over your ability to communicate your ideas? Whether or not it is one person, who can prove to me that it could not be the case?

Come to think of it, Ebay also has this kind of policy where, in theory, someone who doesn’t like your auction, and has nothing better to do, will wait until your one or two week auction is about to close and then file a complaint that you shouldn’t have used an extra word in your auction title. Isn’t that the horse pooh? And that actually happened to me.

But you know, I’m pretty darn glad. I almost sold my Mopar 440 Six Pack Air Cleaner assembly for $450, so when the auction got whacked by some dude who is sitting in his house in pajamas without a job “eating pork rinds and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon” (a Ray Higdon joke) going around killing people’s auctions, I doubt that person knew he was actually doing me a favor. Since I’m needing that very same air cleaner now!

So THANK YOU! God has something better in store for my life than using the internet to sell things and to communicate ideas.

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What I really wanted to write about today was that I Graduated From Ray HIgdon’s Top Earner Success School, but I’ll need to get that together tomorrow.

I’ll see you…. (maybe) on the next page.

Challen Yee

Challen Yee


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