Mindset for chance-encounter off-line prospecting

Struggling talking to people off-line?

If it is something that you are open to, I will take what I’ve learned and boil it down in such a way even someone without the excellent people skills that you have can go and create their network. That’s one of the keys, to have a system that does not rely on a superstar and simple so the most non-salesman type can make progress. And if you are willing to stick it out and not quit, you will increase the chances of meeting goals. You know, in MLM, you can uncover a superstar leader down the line, but you cannot tell who that person will be, so it’s important to build network in a simple a way and not self-flagellate.

There are several routes to meeting and developing the relationship with a prospect, the focus of today’s approach is for offline and short term interaction with a prospect. For instance, this is when you meet someone who you feel could be a good teammate and are unlikely have an opportunity to develop a long relationship with. In other words, chance encounters.

There’s not a moment to lose, so let’s get going…


London 1989: Photo by Challen Yee

A chance encounter in London 1989: Hmmm, look like a he could be a good teammate. Photo by Challen Yee

Keys to successful network building  “You are not selling your credibility”

“You are not selling your credibility,” I recently heard this from Ray Higdon through his Top Earner Success School coaching session this week. I totally resonate with his statement.

You are presenting a method or system of doing things that is simple to recreate, you are not out trying to sell your credibility.

Did that statement help you at all?

Maybe you were out there trying to prospect people thinking, “Who in the world is going to follow me? I’m not successful”

If you’re telling yourself this, two things:

1) Work on your mindset. Understand how valuable you ALREADY are as a person, and yet understand your personal credibility is not what is for sale. While you can respect other people’s success do not envy them, see the inherent value of who you are as a human being – you are magnificently created and powerfully made.

Feel important – because you are! But your credibility that is not the focus of what you are doing prospecting.

2) One of the the magic features of network marketing is that, if you want to boil it down to its pure essence, you do not need to sell anything except a way of letting people know of your opportunity through the simple use of a company tool, which is often a video or pre made and simple to use presentation.

In other words, as a person going out to prospect other people you are the messenger, not the convincer. If you use my system, you are not expected to go out an convince people how good your company is. Let the tool do the work.

As a prospector, your simple objective is to find out if people are open or not. There is serendipity involved and that is out of our hands. You’ll get better the more you try it.

Although this may seem rather simplistic, it took an enormous amount of understanding marketing psychology and experience of successful people to boil things down to this decocted level. It’s the subject of many talks that you can have with your team mates but when you are out in the field, be focused on the actual purpose which is not proving your credibility.


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