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If you are Ray Higdon asking questions to Kevin Harrington, what are some of the answers you would get during a 45 minute interview for a network marketing audience?

This post is derived from a portion of my notes while attending a Ray Higdon webinar April 15, 2014, during which I had the privilege listening to Kevin Harrington, the pioneer and architect of the infomercial industry.

Kevin Harrington - Pioneer of the Infomercial Industry. Image source:

Kevin Harrington – Pioneer of the Infomercial Industry. Image source:

Tips for sales, prospecting, self-promotion and development

During the interview, Mr. Harrington offered a simple and effective plan for you to prepare your portfolio or media kit

– Ask people to provide testimonials about you
– Build a mentor network
– Develop partnerships with people who have successful track records in industries of your choosing.

When asked what he sees as the worst mistake a person makes pitching their business or product The worst mistake someone pitching their business to a potential client or financier is to begin by talking about themselves. Instead, a pitchman should focus on the needs of the prospect and through learning their needs can then formulate a solution created from the information learned from the prospect.

He also suggested this intriguing process: TEASE, PLEASE, SEIZE. I’ll let you think about that. Ray Higdon offered his thoughts (which I have abbreviated) of ASK, SOLVE, CALL to Action.

In regards to Testimonials about your product or service, many people forget there are several types they can include in their presentations, for example: User, Editorial, Celebrity, Lab Results, Professional (i.e. Lawyers and doctors).

When asked if he had to “do it all over again”, his recommended advice for a college aged students getting into a new field:
Take advantage of working with an experienced partner, mentor and piggyback until you can effectively perform the work yourself.

If you do not know which path to pursue, be consumed by curiosity and evaluate many opportunities to see which aligns with your interests and passions.


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