Which authors influence your life as an entrepreneur?

And how do authors influence your life as an entrepreneur? Commentary from my recent reading of Russ Whitney and Gary Vaynerchuk.

I finally got around to reading “Crush it” (2009) by Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s a book that I’ve known for at least half a year and finally reading it comes at an interesting time in my thoughts about what it means to be a leader in a given economic vehicle to drive to success with. It’s a fairly fast read and goes into many of the details of Gary’s success in creating his amazing success branding himself as a wine critic on the internet.
There’s two guiding philosophies I want to share that I got from reading his book.
His simple recommendation for success rides on:

Love your family
Work super hard
Live your passion

To add emphasis, he ends his book with another impactful philosophy and that is “Legacy is greater than currency.” What this essentially asks you is, what type of reputation do you what to achieve? How do you want people to remember you?
For him, he illustrates several instances how he has strove, sometimes to really amazing extents, to serve his customers and to offer every contact a high level of respect, thereby taking responsibility for the brand he has created.


Philosophies permeate everything that you do, they form a basis for all of your actions and they play a major role in changing older or ways of doing things that are inconsistent with the awareness of your philosophy.

This is one of the attractions to people like Jim Rohn and why when I first started listening to him I could for days. When you are not yet sure which way to go, you need to develop a foundational way of thinking, especially if you are passionate about changing your economy situation, you pickup a lot of ideas, not only on what it takes to become stronger in your way of thinking about what it takes for economic success but also how to live life.

Going back to Gary Vaynerchuk and his book “Crush it,” he emphasizes the need to identify your passion. It’s pretty clear how, if you have a subject you can communicate in your medium of choice, effectively, at long length (at least as long as you hope to build your business) and with a fire, you have a chance to make money branding yourself and therefore, making a decent living off that in today’s economic environment.

Well, what if you do not know what your passion is? What if life has suitably mixed you up in such a way you are unsure where your real propensities are?

This is where I go back to what I’ve learned recently by reading Russ Whitney’s book “Inner Voice” and the importance of determining your Purpose, how to make sense out of what you experienced and suffered through in life and how this forms a solid foundation from which you could build a long standing enterprise on.

This is what is captivating about Whitney’s book is his practical application of spiritual practice and self discovery with an underlying knowledge that there is power in that self-discovery in pursuing your goals. And if those goals happen to be building a business in order to lead a life of greater freedom, then that is real. It’s applicable. But not only applicable, it is essential if you want to conduct your efforts with the least amount of wasted energy fighting the mental stumbling blocks that have been affecting you up to this point in your life.

One of Russ Whitney’s basic formula’s for economic freedom (paraphrasing):

In this order:
1) Discover and know your purpose
2) Determine the correct economic vehicle
3) Generate your passion

Notice the change in conventional thinking? Maybe you already have this understanding locked down, but if you feel held back from your objectives in life, there is a key in understanding your Purpose before further pursuing your passion.

I’m looking into this, there’s more to it.

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