Finding Purpose: Why are you alive?

What has been the ultimate driving force behind your long term success?

Wouldn’t you like to know so you can tap into it?
Or if you are not achieving the success, or not attaining the peace in the process, maybe you need to rethink your motive force behind your actions.

I wanted to share with you some ideas I gathered recently including some that were shared during Ray Higdon’s interview with Russ Whitney. For those of you who are not familiar with Russ Whitney, at the risk of oversimplifying his description, he is an enormously successful businessman, real estate investor, and now author and life/business coach.

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Through Whitney’s extensive efforts to seek answers from leaders around the world in philosophy and religion, he determined that the primary factor in one achieving great success is knowing and embracing ones “Purpose”.

If you have previously thought your “Passion” was your driving force, he suggests that passion must be derived from Purpose.

The origins of Purpose are rooted in the supernatural. If you consider your “soul” as being a supernatural component of your self, that’s what I mean. But Whitney is able to turn the question “Does your body have a soul?” to “What if a soul has a body?” Or if directly applied, “Does your soul have your body?”

“What if a soul has a body?”

That’s a game changer isn’t it? If you are spiritually inclined already this may be a subtle or significant shift in your concept of what your your soul is. If you are not already, the understanding of this relationship could transform what drives your Purpose.

To add more substance to his concept of Purpose, Whitney made a connection between our adult life and our life as a child, in that ones Purpose can be found in the struggle of resolving issues and obstacles rooted in our childhood. Interesting?

I am looking forward to reading Whitney’s new book on “Inner Voice” with the iexpectation that it will help me make more sense out of my life in relation to my business objectives.

In the meantime, I happened to have a book on my desk written by one of my First United Methodist pastors, now retired, Douglas Norris. In his book, “I’ll Go” (2013), he tackles a question of “How to Know the Will of God” and in that chapter he repeats the question through the chapter “For what were you born?”

Why were you born and for what were you born?

Does this add color to your developing idea of what is at hand in your life? This goes back directly to Whitney’s concept of the soul having the body rather than the other way around.

What is the hope in seeking answers to these questions. From my point of view, currently, it is through the life struggle of choices in work that will bring the greatest fulfillment to my life. I’m often torn how I am using my productive waking hours in a full time job that is not where my passions are. I struggle with knowing I need to provide for my family and am caught in that zone where I would, to be frank with you, “Dump my job and run my business full time.” Getting a better handle of the present tension would bring me more peace.

In your life the struggle could be something else. What is it?

Ultimately, as a matter of practical application, wouldn’t this be helpful to sort out this issue in your life? To know how to achieve something critically important in your life you may need to spend the time to dive deep into this subject.

To borrow something from one of my favorite authors, Steven Pressfield, it’s your Total Commitment to expressing your true self that is at stake when you dare to find answers to the questions. And what could stand in your way if you were Totally Committed?

What is your Purpose in life? What is your Purpose to be alive?


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Challen Yee

Challen Yee


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