Cold Calls: Rapport building in 4 seconds

How would it help you if you knew you could jump on the phone anywhere start building rapport with virtually anyone with the very first words that come out of you mouth?

How valuable would be for you?

If in your business, you ever need to make Cold Calls to anyone, whether it is a prospective client or your neighbor, I have a powerful tip for you that will help de-thaw your cold call within 4 seconds.

If that’s for you then you’ll want to get ready to take some mental notes…



I learned this fabulous skill from Ray Higdon, who I have been a continuous student of since the Summer of 2013 and most recently in his Top Earner Success School group coaching program. Before this, although I had experience being a manager, mentoring, and talking in groups, I was a total paranoid having to make cold calls for my business.

I remember the first time I ever had to make cold calls, without any real training, I was working for two weeks in the local Navy Recruiting Office on HARP duty (Home Area Recruiting Program). I think (I know) I spent most of the time pretending to make calls instead of actually making them.  (Note to you Navy Recruiters, take the time to teach those kids something valuable about recruiting).

The fears you need to go through can be endless every time you need to step forward to do something new or different to reach your desired goals.

Well, fortunately or unfortunately, making calls to people who don’t know you is often an important part of a career with high potential. You know the old adage, “You cannot achieve what others have not, unless to do what others will not do.” One of those things is cold-calling for most of us.

Okay, so you’ve got some contact info and you’ve got you sweaty hand on your phone. You’ve practiced what you need to say. But what is important is not necessarily what you say, it’s HOW you say it.

When the person answers you need to have the an attitude of the person having met you already. That doesn’t mean you’re going to be dishonest… do not be dishonest. You can accomplish this with a simple adjustment of the tone of your voice, a tone that will cause the person whom you are addressing to not hang up on you, or not immediately want to hang up on you.


A questioning tone. That’s the best way I can explain how you need to ask (for example), “Is this Jill?” and she says “Yes.” and you say, “This is Bill, (?) I was referred to you… [blah blah blah]…”

How you say, “This is [your name]” also with a questioning tone, or rising tone, will help engage the person’s mind into wondering if they know you already or what the real connection could be. And this moment of indecision will allow you time to get your brief message across or to start whatever process your particular business requires.

It’s not hardcore rapport per say, but it is the establishment of what you can build on. If they hang up on you or think they immediately want to hang up on you, then you have not a chance.

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Challen Yee

Challen Yee


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