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What would your life be like if you felt totally committed to the projects you are working on. Do you think you results would improve if you knew you were totally committed?

Let’s take look at a few sources of ideas from those who discuss commitment as a necessary ingredient to success…

Michael's Mountain. The Rockies as portraited by a friend. Source: Michael Avery

Michael’s Mountain. The Rockies as portraited by a friend. Source: Michael C. Avery


Having sat in a cubicle confused is sort of like being under that machine in the original Star Trek TV series that if left on without a man at the switch will suck every living thought out of your head, and if there is a man at the switch, he is some devious manipulator that, typically, can only suggest thoughts that will keep you anesthetized to the realities of what it takes to be free.

I’ve had a lot of opportunity wondering why such an environment is not conducive to personal success. I’m not talking to you who is comfortable in a corporate type environment, I know that that is suitable for many people, I’m talking about you who have the idea of entrepreneurism lurking in your heart. How can you be really committed to a project when you are not needing to use the passions that drive you and make you more full as a human being?

But you do not have to be a seeking to start your own business to take full advantage of being fully committed, take for example the testimonies of so many special operators like “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell who I know must have said to himself throughout his SEAL/BUDS training and throughout life,”The only way I’m not getting through this is if they kill me.” That sounds like commitment to me.

Steven Pressfield.  Source:

Steven Pressfield. Source:

Steven Pressfield has a great little book out called, “DO THE WORK” (2011) where he attacks Resistance again and offers this test question for those he know must face “THE BELLY OF THE BEAST” and he describes the test that Resistance will put you through when you go for your dreams.

“Mark the selection that corresponds to how you feel about your book/movie/ballet/new business/whatever.

Intrigued but Uncertain
Totally Committed

If your answer is not the one on the [bottom], put this book down and throw it away.”


Commitment has a close tie with Conviction

In Mark Yarnell’s “First Year in Network Marketing” (1998) he describes a particular conviction level needed to approach your warm market, he writes,
“First Warhead: Lack of Conviction. Network marketing is the process of sharing one’s belief in a marketing concept that is so unique and about which you are so enthusiastic that you can’t hold it inside. You lose sleep at night. You can hardly wait to tell people of your discovery. When this level of conviction is lacking, people tend to hold back. It’s a Catch-22. If you wait for the belief level to come, you run the risk of missing the opportunity. If you try to go forward without it, your friends can hear the reservation in your voice. So first do your best to try to work through whatever reservation is holding you back: “It just sounds too good to be true”; “Maybe it has worked for others, but I can’t be sure that it will work for me” ; “What if I’m wrong and I mislead my friends?” Discuss these concerns with someone in your upline whom you trust.”

Ray Higdon. Source:

Ray Higdon. Source:

In a recent Ray Higdon blog, he explored “Why People Fail” and Ray offers these key points:

1. They refuse to step up or play big. They play so small as to not attract attention or get out of their tiny comfort zone.
2. They focus on their circumstances rather than their goals. Instead of keeping their eyes on what they want to accomplish they focus on their existing circumstances and then wonder why things never change for them.

So, without using the word “commitment”, Ray hi-lighted two key symptoms of what happens when someone lacks the “Totally Committed” attitude.

In Closing

Now you have to choose the horse you are going to ride on to take that path across the desert, there’s no one way to get there but if you jump off the horse mid-trek, that does not bode well.

I’m not criticizing you for being interested, intrigued, or passionate, I’m just giving you the advice of a friend who cares about your dreams, and as a fellow team member, that when we run into the fray and get blasted at, we want to make sure we are in the right mindset.

So look at your commitment level today and make sure it is serving you.


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