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Writer’s Note: I plan on doing more video content along with my blog text. What I am discovering is when you have a video idea, it tends to simplifying your writing content. I usually have an idea, do the video first, then summarize the video in the text. 

The tendency will be to add more details in the text compared to the video “script”.

Giving tips is all about value. When you are value oriented, you start noticing the benefits you receive from others. You begin to develop a sense of appreciation and a desire to reward good service.

If you get good service, have a better experience or save additional time, consider giving a larger tip.

But what if you don’t have any money or forget, then what?

You may not be out of bullets, check out what’s next…

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Have you ever run with a stranger’s tip?

On my recent business/family trip, I never felt at liberated to give tips to the people who were helping service my stay at the hotel we were staying at. Everyone from the door man to the valet service, I began to have a new sense of the value each of these people were providing. This is especially true for the restaurant professionals who wait on your table and provide good if not excellent service. A good waiter will enhance your dining experience like nothing else.

I am starting to understand what Jim Rohn said about “Tipping like a rich man.”He told his audiences he, in his early career, tipped like a rich man, because… he knew he was going to become rich (Jim, forever thanks).

An incredible teacher and mentor, "America's Foremost Business Philosopher" Mr. Jim Rohn

Mr. Jim Rohn

There’s one person I regret having forgot to tip and that was the man named Joe who gave us a ride on our arrival from the airport. I think at the beginning of the trip I was still warming up since it is pretty darn cold there in Michigan in early March.

Although I didn’t give him the cash type of tip, after listening to him talk about his passion for music, having been trained in opera and enjoying performing in a local rock band, I did  recommend that he begin working on marketing himself through a personal blog.

After a natural protest that writing wasn’t his forte, I suggested that nowadays, writing does not need to be extensive, he could audio or video blog, in fact, video blogging is all the rage in today’s marketing and we discussed how easy it would be to start.

In a world of abundance, there is a following looking for someone just like you.

If you can run with the suggestion Joe, it will eventually reap you a reward well beyond the tip I forgot to offer you.

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Challen Yee

Challen Yee


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