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Writer’s Note: If you’ve noticed, I just spent the last two weeks away from my normal blogging routine and the timing really coincides with several plans lining up in terms of my blog subject development and also my business development.

The general theme of my blog is not changing, I still want to help you if you are going nowhere in a cubical-type life. I find a major factor in unleashing your potential lays in personal development, in fact, if you haven’t already, I would access your free report (see the email sign in form for your free guide or report) to make sure you have the fundamental base covered in terms of personal development. Quite frankly, we can never really set ourselves completely free from refreshing the fundamentals of personal development because of the nature of being a human – unless we are regularly, if not on a daily basis, dedicating effort doing mindset development, either by reading, listening to audio, catching a video, or being held up by a support team, we are apt to fall back into the traps we all are subject to as humans and a defeated attitude.

Don’t let falling back into a hole happen to you if you intend to free yourself from it.

Bob Andrews, one of the key note speakers from a seminar I attending last week said,”The way you think is your greatest asset.” Hence, the opposite is also true, I would say, “The way you think can be your greatest enemy.” So let it be one of your greatest projects to build up ways of thinking that it serve you in your effort to be free.

I hope you’ve already got some important value from what I am pounding the table on, work on your mindset. And so what’s my main message today?

I want to tell you about the book that served as a turning point in my attitude towards my wife’s home business and my focus on the means to obtain economic freedom.

Let’s get to it…

Believe it or not, I had to do some serious digging to un-snow these monuments to take the tripod-assisted picture. I used the tripod for a shovel.

Standing on the foundations for success.:Reward, Hope, Family, Freedom. Believe it or not, I had to do some serious digging to un-snow these monuments to take the tripod-assisted picture. I used the tripod for a shovel.



Until I read this book I’m going to tell you about, I did not really understand the answer to “How the hell is network marketing supposed to work?”

Although my wife was highly active in her effort to make her business work out and I was helping her, I was just going through the motions of being a supportive husband and learning a lot about health and nutrition. I was just another “network marketing husband.”

For me, as a Licensed Acupuncturist, furthering my studies of health and nutrition was simply getting two birds with one stone, not only that, I could spend more time speaking with people to help them with there health issues and in parallel promote my part time acupuncture business.

One of the things that was not serving me well personally was that my wife’s network marketing team is based on speaking a language I cannot understand, so much of how I had to learn from them had to be done through translation.

Therefore, I set upon my own personal journey, which as you know, was already based on personal development through legendary businessman, Jim Rohn (among others), to start learning from english speaking authors in network marketing. the book for me that set me straight was Mark Yarnell’s “First Year in Network Marketing.” Ray Higdon referred me to this book.

When I read Yarnell’s book, I was in Las Vegas last summer (2013), as our family was attending her team’s major annual event and then it finally shook me out of the final stages of my ignorance about the potential of network marketing. I say final stages, because, I don’t think I would have arrived at that point without being immersed already in studying personal development and wanting to seek a solution to my circumstances.

Quite simply, there was nothing that I had actually tried before business-wise that held the same promise of potential success based on a deliberate plan of action than a successful network marketing business.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’ve tried am in involved in many different way to make money, to help my family survive, one of which was having to go back to an industry that I wanted to leave. I’ve worked at start up companies, invested in stocks, invested in real estate, manage real estate, tried to run my dad’s electric car business and publishing business. None of these, in my observation, has such a remarkable potential for any person, regardless of your success level in the past, as does a properly run network marketing business.

Notice I wrote “properly run”- Now I’m sure that is going to be somewhat subjective, open to some opinion, but what I discovered in Mark Yarnell’s book is that a network marketing business, when run to the incredible heights that it can be run to, is not the type of in-your-face salesy operation that many people who are not understanding network marketing think. Network Marketing is simply one of the best and most accessible ways anyone can achieve financial success.

There will be people who will no doubt want to argue with my points, but that is the nature of success in any field. There is success and failure in any field of business. There are successful and failed companies in any industry. Anyone getting involved in network marketing should take responsibility to make sure they are getting involved with a legitimate company and also involved with people who can help coach and support them to become independently successful. No matter which company, the people you line yourself up with can either help you or be a stumbling block.

So, if you are struggling with understanding the basics of Network Marketing or Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) I suggest picking up a copy of Mark Yarnell’s book, FIRST YEAR IN NETWORK MARKETING. It helped turn me.


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