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Originally titled “Doing the work -Filling the Shoes” (got to be able to spend more time with titles!).


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Now for my topic.

Have you ever wondered why people get so pissed off when someone wears a uniform who didn’t actually either serve or didn’t serve in unit they proclaim to be in?

I have a few words about this and it may not go the straight and narrow direction that you think it will.

Let’s move along …



Want the respect? Then fill the shoes.

The most classic military example of how NOT TO DO IT I can think of and one that is in the public spotlight probably more than it has in the past, are the boys in men’s bodies who wish they were Navy SEALS so they pretend to be.
If you follow retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley’s “Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK” (youtube “buds131”) you know just how ridiculously prevalent it is for people to try taking honor when it is not due. It’s called stolen Valor.

Whether you believe that serving your country in the military or serving in combat deserves any special recognition or not, maybe it is not your cup of tea, you may have had opportunity to stop and believe that for someone to knowingly going through training and putting their butt on the line and then actually being in a situation where someone hates everything they stand for, hates their guts and is trying to kill them, that that patriotic effort and courage to go into that lion’s den is worthy of some respect. No, they are not saints, but that’s not why they get the respect. They get the respect because they did the work that was required to become one of the best.

And so we especially give respect for the ones that go through the hardest training to achieve their status and we do not give respect to those who did not and pretend they did.

The point is this: If you want the “glory” you have to do the work, you have to do what is called for to achieve that status.

If you are a writer, you have to a lot of writing.

If you are a speaker, you’ve had to do a lot of speaking.

If you’re a surfer of the big waves, you’ve had to do a lot of surfing.

If you are a ballet dancer, you have to spend those countless hours working on perfecting your mind and body in the studio to make it look easy.

If you are a photographer, you had to put yourself in that just right position with just the right equipment to get that classic shot.

If you are a philanthropist, you have to help people, or other cause.
Wouldn’t it be ridiculous for someone to say, “I’ve helped so many people!” and nobody or nothing benefited from your efforts?

If you want to walk on stage as a top earner in network marketing, the people who respect you know that in order for you to be up there, you’ve had to do the work of making connections and helping so many people, they know of the fear you’ve had to overcome of feelings you couldn’t do it, and the skills and life lessons you needed to learn to face an unbelieving populace. You too had to do the work.

It would be without sense for someone to achieve a status and not have had to do the work or did what was necessary to be that what they claim. However, if you can harness that vision of being who you choose to become  that can be powerful.  Then let your actions speak for themselves.

By writing these things, I want to help inspire you to do the work you need to do in order to achieve what you want to achieve. That’s the purpose. I hope you get it.

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