Abundance and Network Marketing Prospecting

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Okay… let us imagine you are a network marketer and you struggle with finding leads, talking to leads, and getting up in the morning thinking that it sucks talking to people. Does that work for you?

How would you like to get the key thrown to you what you need to solve this crazy problem? How would this work for you?

Let’s get walking together shall we?

Photography by Challen Yee 1989

Let’s take a walk. I think this is near Petit Trainon, Versailles. Photography by Challen Yee 1989


Abundance and Network Marketing Prospecting

If you suffer from this dreaded disease of prospecting paralysis, I will give you the antidote. I’m going to smack you on the head, whoops, excuse me, I meant persuade you (if you are a lady, I will gently call your attention) with the fact that you do not understand and embrace the reality of Abundance.

I am not going to give to some weird ancient Chinese philosophy developed by Taoist monks what Abundance is, I am going to tell you how it helps you put things in perspective.


If you get Abundance

1) The person who just rejected your opportunity is only one in a billion. And, regardless where you live, there is over 1 Billion just in China alone.

2) It doesn’t matter if someone talks to their friend who is ignorant about network marketing, or even has heard of the truly bad experiences others have had, because if they make decisions based on someone else’s opinion without asking for yours, then perhaps that’s one of the billion people you do not need to work with!

3) There is an Abundance of “No” people out there also and it is your sacred job to wade through them to find the Abundance of “Yes” people.

4) You do not need to hesitate the moment you are inclined to approach someone, because Abundantly speaking, you are not wanting to have to double back to that person when tomorrow, or in the next 15 minutes, you encounter someone else you need to not hesitate to approach.

5) There is an Abundant need everywhere, where ever you go there is someone who needs what you have to offer. The problem is, they may not understand it at that time, but that shouldn’t stop you, why should it? (may be you just need a little help on what to say).

6) If you are enlightened by Abundance, it will affect the attitude you project and create more of a positive vibration that people will be attracted to. People (unless they are a Saint) are repulsed by need and attracted to Abundance. The thing is you need to start understanding that you are like a Saint. But don’t let it go to your head, keep in it your heart where all worthy manifestations are derived from.

7) If you act in Abundance, like a saint, you will begin to see more opportunity because someone who you would have turned from in the past you will not today.
I’m not saying you want to ignore your primary defense mechanism and go after the team disrupters or ax murderers, I’m saying the world of Abundance will broaden your previously narrow minded ways of looking at people.

8) Be mindful that Love acts in Abundance and that Power is infinite. But you cannot lavish a new prospect in love, they cannot handle being force-fed a plate of potatoes even though they like them. You know where you are coming from, they may not have a clue, start small.

9) Abundance respects integrity. Even if you make a mistake, mistakes are common, and are meant to be learned from. Abundance will tell you that a grain of sand is of minor consequence on a beach. The main thing is that it should not be part of your game plan to cheat, mislead, trick, or be stuck in an attitude of being self-serving.

10) Abundance taps into your inner greatness. When it comes out, treat your inner greatness with respect and humility and it will serve you with loyalty.

So what will you do today?


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