“Dying Zone” not “Comfort Zone”

When there is a sense of abundance how can you gather force to move?

Writer’s note: I woke up in a sea of abundance this morning, abundance with the thoughts of what to write. Wanting to help people with unshackling themselves from their moorings if they have the urging to get ahead. I prayed for a way.

You see, not everyone wants to do the work to get ahead. But there is always a desire for more abundance. Wouldn’t you say so? Isn’t that weirdly inconsistent?

What if I could help you identify one of the anchors that hold people back from achieving something greater and then get you to do something? How would that help you?

Let’s get to it then…

Life is for acting on our dreams.  (photo on my trip to Venice in 1989).

Life is for acting on our dreams. (photo on my trip to Venice in 1989).


Focus on what is Possible

not what is Typical


From what I’ve been learning in life, recently through receiving from Ray Higdon and giving, this concept plays a big part in our daily lives. How has it been working in your life lately?

The problem most people run into is they look around them and assume that, since everyone else is like this (whatever “this” is), therefore, that is what is “possible”.

No, no – whether you want to not change what you are doing, that’s one thing, but do not confuse what “everyone else” is doing to what is possible, that is what is typical.

What is “possible” is reserved for the people who are willing to strive out of what is commonly called “their comfort zone” (what is typical for you) and go for something that is beyond what you can easily attain.

Some people might consider this selfishness, going for things that they do not have, but is it? Is it more apt to say that, if you have a chance to be more, have more, become more of positive influence, and then not follow that leading to something greater and more abundant, would not THAT be selfishness?

There’s one thing in particular in my experience as a manager that I associate with Abundance and that is training the people who worked under me. I would share what I knew and for some reason, I never seem to run out of ideas and techniques to share. I like being in that situation. In fact, if you happen to run across someone who I’ve managed they would probably say I was somewhat fanatical about trying to make sure they had everything they could absorb in order to become independent. That attitude is the complete opposite of some of the people who were senior to me who always seemed to not want to let you know how they were doing things for fears of their own security (or lack of abundance).

That abundance of information to share with others comes from a desire to do more, achieve more, and become better, to make things better than they are, and not settle for what is typical, including typical for MYSELF!

I’m not saying that you and I have the best way of doing things, but you and I certainly can become a better versions of ourselves by understanding that what is typical is not what is possible.

When it comes to exercising our privilege to be abundant with our skills and dreams, I like the passage from Scripture that Jim Rohn sometimes cited and that is the Parable of the Talents.
To summarize, a master leaves a few of his (or her) workers some “talents”, of varying amounts. The master leaves and comes back a while later and checks on what they’ve been doing with their “talents”. Some took their modest sum of talent and created a lot more, some a little more and one unfortunate soul decided to bury or hide his talent for fear of losing it. The harsh words from the master only went to the person who did nothing, the one who lived in fear and, may I suggest, couldn’t break out of their comfort zone and do something more valuable and abundant with their life, hiding their glory and just being typical without embracing the possibility.

Coaching Tip:

We all struggle with the resistance of staying in what is “known”, we all have fear. In fact, the best things to do if you want to get out of your “comfort zone” is stop calling it a “comfort zone” that’s a dangerous freaking euphemism, for we know that if we are not purposely growing, we are regressing. Call it a “Dying Zone” because if you stay there and do not claim your abundance and exercise your talent, they will perish.

“Dying Zone” not “Comfort Zone” (you read that here).


So on that Happy Note…

What talent, what skill have you to exercise today that will keep you claiming the abundance that is possible for you?

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Challen Yee

Challen Yee

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