Moving Forward: Backwards First

Do you need to move backwards in order to achieve a forward looking goal?

I hope you’re not wanting simple bullet points today. We need to dive a little deeper into what is holding you back.

Writer’s note: After three hard-core mornings of writing in a series of hard core mornings, I wanted to take it easy and pull something out of a book I just picked up. It’s a great book on by Stephen Mansfield titled “Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men.” I started reading this book in parallel to another book by Bob Burg “Adversaries into Allies.” I could easily flip on my OCR imager on my IPhone and plug a powerful passage and easily make a blog post, but something tells me you’re not going to grow as much if I don’t follow up with what is really on my mind right NOW.

Let’s get to it.

Let's go into the Admiral Hardy Pub and have a talk over a beer. - London 1989 photo by Challen Yee

Shall we go into the Admiral Hardy Pub and have a talk over a beer? – London 1989 photo by Challen Yee



What is it that is holding you back from achieving more?

What are the things that are on your plate that unless you do them this very minute, you will only delay your success?
How would it feel if you can take a step today and get closer to your dreamed of goals and what you want to attain in this short dance under the sun we call “life”?

When I started writing a daily blog, one of my fears was that I was going to run out of ideas and turn brain dead at some point. I was feeling paranoid at one point, when I looked at over 60 anecdotes I had jotted notes for from my previous experiences that would make interesting blogposts and then, I went blank. I realized for me that it is not easy to just forcibly take any experience and make it so that it is congruent with the flow of energy and what is important to me on a day-to-day basis.

When you are in the mode of learning and applying, you have revelations everyday that if you choose, can write about or teach.

I recently wrote about real estate investments and just yesterday finished a 3 part series on my interaction with Michael Savage. These, among other experiences, were important aspects of my life that I wanted to share with you because they lead to something, they lead to where I am now and I have more to share I am anxious to get to (but they cannot all fit into a daily blogpost!).Yet aspects of both included pain, fear, anxiety, even depression. But get this, they resolved into something better.

You need to fight through the barriers.

I feel I cannot help you get to a place of better understanding unless I help you understand that life builds upon your previous experiences and I want to illustrate that. I want to help you see it in your own life.

How have your experiences led up to who you are right now? How are those experiences preparing you to release the past and be drawn into the glory of your future?

What ever is holding you back, you may need to take a simple action right now to get the process in motion that will lead to resolving it. I cannot tell you how long it will take to resolve, but I know nothing will happen unless you take action.

Maybe you need to pickup the phone and call someone, talk to someone you may be neglecting, maybe you need to put an old ambition to rest, maybe you, in your heart, need to forgive someone for hurting you and abusing so many years of your life, maybe you need to forgive yourself, maybe it’s simply needing to express another one of your stories to get that vibration out there so you can move on.

What is it?


A little more on my timeline

As a result of being shaken up by Savage, I didn’t just move forward. I ended up actually going backwards, way backwards. Why? Because my subconscious was drawing me to resolve my past needs that would hold me back from moving forward. Is that weird? Have you felt that before?

Now having the benefit of looking at the rearview mirror, before I could discover people like Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins to get me on the road to better understanding leadership and personal development, plus an insatiable desire to learn more and to become an action taker, I had to dredge the past and understand things about my past that I didn’t think were unresolved and were holding me back.

For me, I had to resolve my former aspirations and lost opportunities that being in the military offered and that process was triggered by our family vacation to San Diego in late July 2011. I hadn’t been back to San Diego since the early 1990’s and this family vacation was the first time I could talk at length to my wife about my military service, being able to point out many of the places in San Diego I was intimately familiar with as a young submarine sonar technician.

Please refer to my older post which details more of that experience ( and an honoring of the special operation warriors who were lost on August 6, 2011 ( the major event that prompted me to take one more serious look at serving in the military.

If you are currently engaged in a battle with yourself, unable to understand why you cannot make the progress you believe you are capable of, you may need to resolve a past ambition or relationship.

Note: Another two aspects of success that I’ve struggled to better myself with are: being around success oriented people and a faith in abundance. I plan on writing more about these laws soon, I hope it will help. 

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Challen Yee

Challen Yee

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