Networking: Be a Giver not a Taker

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Writer’s note: I came into this morning with two distinct ideas in mind and ended up bringing them together into one article, One was helping people in need and the other was the un-integris methods of many network marketing leaders. Read on and you’ll see where I end up. I can go deeper into either, but what can you do in a short period of time and get the kids going to school?

Let’s roll…

Which way are you headed, Up or Down?

Which way are you headed, Up or Down?

Don’t pass up an opportunity to help someone in need, it helps reinforce your attitude.

Do you know you have a small inner voice in your head that tells you when to do things and when you’ve messed up? Assuming you are not a sociopath, by making that voice your guide will serve you more often than being repressed by the external circumstances.

Your primary objective in building a network of clients is to help people. The odd thing is, you may or may not have the opportunity to make a sales pitch to the person you help, but what the action does for you as a person will improve your attitude and lessen the anxiety of being a “user” of society instead of your true calling and that is of a “producer” of value to society.

There’s a saying about our negative thoughts I remember Les Brown speaking about one time, it takes 17 positive thoughts to overcome a single negative thought.

I wrote recently about how “when everything comes together” and part of the dynamic is your developing attitude that comes as a result of a constant positive bombardment of the negativity that resides in your head. And the best way to follow up that effort to do something. And the best doing something is to help someone. “That does not mean to pitch someone, that means taking your profession and putting it second to being a human being” (that sounds so much like something Ray Higdon said, I’ll give him credit for that).

The problem of many network marketers is they they have an attitude of taking from others. It can be unintentional, but it be quite stark also. Unfortunately, I’ve seen in from people at high levels. In order for them to fill “their” need (and their pockets), they bash people, try to make them feel guilty, manipulate and hound. Whether they’ve figured it out or not, they’ve become jerks. Yet, they can put on a good show when needed. They go out of their way to get people to do things that are not in their downline’s (aka victim’s) best interest. In some twisted way the imposers believe they are right, and it can cause you to lose valuable time and effort. I hope you do not have to go there. You do not have to become the next generation embodying the same twisted philosophy.

An incredible teacher and mentor, "America's Foremost Business Philosopher" Mr. Jim Rohn

As Jim Rohn says, in trying to figure out these kinds of mysteries of the mind, “Don’t sign up for that class.” Don’t end up dedicating your life energy in figuring out these losers.

It is part and parcel of the engineering managers I’ve known who do not understand their important role, yet they reside in a leadership position making a captive audience miserable.

It is unfathomable that people like this can even make a living, but that is how network marketing  has gotten a bad name and why you as a professional have fertile ground to work with. There are abusers in any system, but that simply offers you an opportunity to stand out.

Therein lies the grand opportunity, the willingness of a market to reward true value.


Since I’ve studied Royal Navy history, I sometimes consider the success of Lord Nelson (1758-1805) who was a trend breaker. He took the status quo often and flipping it on its head for maximum results. In the end gave his life doing it. Although that may not be a fitting end for most people in their professions, you have to admire the passion and the purpose behind the man’s action.

So where does that leave you and me, mere mortals?

Where does it all begin, it could be if you are in a Jeep with two other guys and you see an elderly woman whose car is stalled in an intersection. Get the hell out and help.

It starts, with not ignoring people who need help.


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