Success Technique: “Fill-Integris”

 Fill-Integris, how to “trick” your better self into the success you desire


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Today let’s talk about integrity in a way you’ve never thought about and how to tweak it for your success. How would you feel if you can use your integrity in a personal way to achieve your true calling and desire?

Let’s get on with the ideas…

Roman soldiers: source :

Roman soldiers: source :


I heard a conversation last week on Family Life Today about the pre-battle ceremonies of Roman soldiers who, after they suited up for battle would do an integrity check of their armor, to make sure they were good to go. I understood this also to mean that not only were the soldiers checking that in striking the broadsides of their swords against their breastplates making sure those pieces weren’t going to fall off, but that the soldiers were also mentally ready to go into battle side by side with their warrior brothers.

“Integris!” They would confirm to each other with the solemnity reserved for soldiers ready to fight for victory.

This is where our modern word integrity is based on and it means all is well and good from the inside-out. In other words, you have to have the look, the intent and the wherewithal completely working together to have “integris” or integrity.

For example, you cannot have integrity in an monogamous relationship if you are out being un-monogomizing (I just made that word up) with other people. You cannot wear the ring of loyalty, either literally or symbolically, and have integrity if your actions are not consistent with what you value at your deepest self.

Do you like the word? Then be who you are meant to be.

You may feel uncomfortable when if, like my father who was an avid runner, would absolutely not wear a jersey that suggested he may be part of the “U.S. Olympic Team”. My father loved America, but isn’t his sense of “integrity”, that he would not present himself as something he was not (an olympic athlete), worthy of a reflection of greatness from within? I feel so proud of my father when I think of that seemingly, to most people, insignificant act of integrity.

But that is what a big part of what Integrity is, being faithful in the small things and the things unseen.

Okay, how to take your own sense of integrity and help it make your dreams come true?

I had this idea before I heard Ray Higdon talk about it in a recent webinar, I thought he was going to run with it, but I was glad he didn’t in quite the same way I was thinking. Ray spoke about the post SuperBowl interview where the MVP cited his father’s asking “Why not you [be the success]?” and then Ray started talking about “Filling a vacuum.”

If you are a person of integrity, you can aid yourself in the effort to achieve success by artificially creating a vacuum, if you will, of forming a condition that requires you to exercise your desire for full integrity to achieve and attain something you do not have.

For example, a man gets down on a knee and gifts an engagement ring to a woman. That’s a pretty strong sense of “well, I better marry this woman now, otherwise I am going to look like a jerk.”

The takeaway is this, if you want to become something and you are not there yet, but your intent, with all of your integrity is to achieve that goal, I believe you can stretch your humility just a bit by expanding an area of your life that will require you to fill the vacuum. Taking on the title of a new and more powerful position can fall into this category.

To be a team leader in network marketing, for example, requires that you begin, but it also presumes you will fill, to fill a void that requires thousand of people, which means, being able to help thousands of people. It’s a worthy goal and one that requires a strong sense of “integris!”

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