When everything comes together

5:24: Went to sleep around 1:30 last night, definitely need to work on the discipline of going to sleep earlier. My family and I spent a bit later out on the road yesterday visiting relatives for Chinese New Years, so getting back at night having t take care of sleeping kids, pushes my wife and my routine’s later into the evening.

Writer’s note: Once again, came up with some ideas over the weekend about what to write, but due to a growing need for a discipline for time management, I did not spend any time at the keyboard to developing any rough draft. So this is it again, raw in the morning.
How do you like this feature I’ve adopted since I’ve been working early? Do you like this “Writer’s” feature in my introduction? It gives more of a feel of a journal blog with the additional value of being a blog for writer’s in addition to the personal development for liberating the cubically oppressed element.

I have few topics floating ready to land, one has to do with “What is it like when everything starts coming together” another on “What is Integrity and how can you leverage it to achieve”, “Inadvertent paths to Investing in real estate and landlording” and “When men are not being men”… all high probabilities subjects.

Let’s get on with the topic for this morning…


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When everything comes together

Some insights on the personal development aspects of starting a new business

For me, the process of overcoming the uncertainty and fear of proceeding with a new venture, of preparing to start a new business has taken on a different dimension from anything I’ve done before. In the past when I tried to start my own business I did it with milder intrepidation and with a greater reliance on being able to pick it up from others, for example, my Dad and the electric car business in the late 1980’s and when I tried to get my acupuncture practice off the ground, I teamed up with one of my professors at her clinic. Just teaming up with an experienced person does not mean I was automatically develop the correct attitude, vision and drive to run my own business.

Comparing my experiences then, with what I am currently pursuing now, largely, through a home-based business and building a local (and later international) team, I have an different sensation about being at a launching point. The amount of fear has at times felt quite enormous, and it’s been a process of continually pushing forward, striving to connect more dots, with a faith that eventually the connected dots will overcome the uncertainty.

Master your fears by developing 5 key aspects of your life: Effectively engaging in a process to remove negativity, establishing a passion for change, finding mentors, building applicable skills and securing a vision of your personal achievement.

Every life experience becomes scattered parts of a puzzle, but the significant consolidation is catalyzed with an assault on removing the negativity in your thinking. If you want to know more about my trip there, sign up for my current Free Report (may not stay there for ever), if you’ve never realized that negative thoughts play a part in limiting your success, think again. It is crucial you address this aspect that holds back your inner self to build a stronger foundation for your self-confidence to reside on.

A passion for change. If you don’t have any real desire to improve your life-style or circumstances, if you lack ambition, there’s not much hope to bring about positive change. Change will happen, because that is the way life is. There is no such things and standing still. Even when we think we are standing still, the Earth is rotating and flying at high speed in its gyrations around the Sun.
This is true in relationships: if you are not working to grow closer together, you will draw further apart. No such thing as standing still and hoping things with stay strong.

Finding mentors. There has become a mentor and coach for everything under the sun. Before I got into social media or recently building a business, my perception of a mentor was having an older more mature and wise man to help me through the transitions in life.

Having mentors and coaches has a strong relationship to the adage that you need to raise your average circle of friends or associates if you want to get ahead. There’s that saying that you are the average of the 5 closest people you associate with because people will resonate to the strongest vibe.

If your success in floundering, take a look at who you’re getting vibes from. Don’t just follow people blindly without taking personal responsibility for your own success.

In searching for a “worthy master” you will necessarily gravitate toward one who you resonate with at a core level, whose communication style you enjoy and who offers access and the lessons you need to get ahead in your chosen endeavor, whether it is a certain type of business, career or even leisure. The ability to leverage a more experienced person’s experience will save enormous amounts of time and serve as a source of encouragement.

There’s a saying about when you are traveling: Spend the money to save time, because you are only on that “vacation” once. Well, get this, I say, picture your life as one long (hopefully) vacation. You don’t want to waste time. Consider that.

Learning the necessary skills can require a lot of training classes or in reading in combination with actually doing and learning from your own mistakes, good old trial and error. The one thing about knowledge that is only all in your head, until you actually begin to test the world outside of your body with your knowledge, you cannot have that critical feedback which exposes of the weaknesses in your head knowledge.

Of course, your personal experiences will also contribute to your confidence as long as you have the correct attitude of learning the valuable lessons from your mistakes. Remember, your mistakes don’t defined you as a person, they are there to help to find the right way.

Form a vision of your future. You cannot go anywhere you want unless you are planning and expecting to get there. If you planned to travel to a city and acted like you didn’t expect to get there, that would be weird, right? Your vision will act and a means of pulling you toward it, and the vision will also become stronger as you align more aspects of your life to achieve it.
There comes a point in time, despite any fear or odds when you drop the word “hope” and permanently replace it with “I know I’ve got to do it” then “I can do it” to “I am going to do it” to “It’s going to happen”to “It’s going to happen.

When these key aspects of your growth start converging it has a magical quality to it. Enjoy it for the sign that the puzzle pieces are finally coming together, but don’t be distracted by it, you’ve got work to do.


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