Don’t let well-meaning people shoot your ideas down!

Day #3 of getting up early instead to staying up late to write my blogpost.

Last night, I got home from my overtime cubicle job at about 22:00, I probably would have stayed there later if the wretched system I was using would let me have a key to the tool instead of pretending I didn’t exist or have a deadline to meet.

I’m honing down my morning routine. At 4:45-5:00 I thank God for another day, acknowledge his greatness and sovereignity, and then ask for his blessing to do my work, to lead me to others and others to me… (then nature calls). I dress warmly and go get a big cup of slightly boiled water and drink it (great to help your body detoxify). By about 5:10, I am in front of my Mac again, which fortunately for me, does not have a license that expires.

As I sit down, I have several ideas to work with. Most were consciously being worked on in fragments yesterday, but all of them have a root in my subconscious and to my inner self. So which one do I run with? I need to get cracking because the world awaits for a few thoughts.

Have something nice to digest, a hot chocolate perhaps, but how about a few good thoughts?

Have something nice to digest, a hot chocolate perhaps, but how about a few good thoughts? (Heidi’s, Lake Tahoe: Photp: Challen Yee)

An amazing guy, Ray Higdon, mentioned recently (and I’m paraphrasing) how successful people, it almost doesn’t matter what they say, if you honestly believe they are successful, the chances of you doing what they ask in the area that they are successful just skyrockets. And the inverse is true, if you are perceived as unsuccessful, good luck. But Ray always has a good tactic, he’s Mr. Tactician, on how to help increase your chances no matter who you are.

Now my thinking, part of your strategic success has to do with your attitude and the realization that as you throw a pebble into a pond you send out waves. If you are guided by your inner self which is connected to spiritual power, and continue to create waves, you will begin to resonate with the world around you. Things happen. Providence, good fortune, serendipity.

While you are on you path…


Don’t let well-meaning people shoot your ideas down

Have you ever told someone that you had a talent (i.e. writing) you were brushing the dust off or that you thought was a great idea and someone, in what appears to be their concern for you, gives you the raised eyebrow and says, “What about the other big idea you had?” as though having another idea will somehow cause you to get unfocused.

STOP your processes. Are you in a winning state of mind or a losing state of mind? Your response to this reaction will say a lot about where you are as an artist, a professional, and entrepreneur. That person just had a head on collision with their Resistance (Pressfield, again).

If in your core you react to a negative way to this response, letting this “moment of concern” weigh you down, you’ve got more work to do on your philosophy, especially if your gift or talent comes as any form of communication. Every business is enhanced by your ability to communicate ideas to others and in different venues. You do need focus, but you’ve got the right to be multi-talented!

Moreover, if you are consciously working on solving problems for your business, realize that ideas, realizations and unexpected nuggets will pop up from your sub-conscious as if you are mining for gold.

“Each discipline affects the other,” Jim Rohn said, which to me, if these gifts and talents are coming in from your inner self, they will all be synergetic. While you should have a working strategy to make all of your ideas and skills work together to a desired goal, why not have a few extra tools to deploy or routes to go when you’re climbing to the top!

“Good for you, my friend, you’ve got a great idea!”

That’s what you need.

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Challen Yee

Challen Yee


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