Trouble with accepting money?

This is Day #2 of waking up early to write my blog.

I got home from work last night at 23:00, I got to sleep by about midnight, woke the alarm at 4:45, snooze until 5:00 and now I am sitting at my Mac at 5:10 waiting to see how my style of writing will change by getting almost 5 hours of sleep (which by the way is pretty good for me during the week) around the key 11:00-4:00 am “Blood” regeneration time.

Paris 1989: Photo: Challen Yee

Are you coming or are you going? Paris 1989: Photo: Challen Yee


Trouble accepting money?

Are you aware that, in order for you to get creative and get a post published, it would help if you got inspired by an idea the day before.

Your mind needs time, at least subconsciously, to work on formulating what you are going to blog about, so when it comes to sit down and stare at your monitor, some flow of thought comes.

Yes, you are working on expressing your inner self, doing something that’s different from other people who are slogging away at their lousy jobs waiting for the crazy-Ivan Pavlovian paycheck that allows them to drool to the tune of the corporate world’s beat of the drum.

What the heck does this have to do with having trouble with accepting money?

The point is this, you are working. Working hard. And working in ways that nobody else will dare try. To get out of the comfort of a bed in the middle of most people’s nights to do something because you have a dream.

And because it’s your dream you think that, somehow, you don’t deserve to tap into the abundance the world has to offer. You’ve been taught and had your brain-washed that making a fortune is bad for society, your were taught that being different and getting ahead is putting people down.

Now you haven’t been necessarily learning most of these concepts from the front of a classroom, but your mind has been, with the aid of Resistance (OMG! That Pressfield term, again!?), creating this singular idea that you are not worth it. Moreover, you’ve wrongly interpreted other people’s Resistance to success as a reaction to your being different, when you forget that what people say and do are most certainly an indication of who they are, not you!

As Jim Rohn asked, “We’ve all bought into somebody’s plan, whose plan have to bought into?” (even without knowing).


Getting ready to Fly

I love getting ready to fly on a commercial jet (well, actually I’d like to fly in First Class because in general those coach seats are hard t sleep in) because every time, those beautiful crew members take the time, with the best of smiles on their faces, how to survive a plane crash.

And the first things they tell you about survival is you need to put that oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on your child. And if you’ve flown more than once, you understand that unless you make sure your goop is in order, not only are you going to die, but so is everyone you really care about, unless to manage to understand that you were meant to accept.

Accept what? Yes. Humbly perhaps, but accept the fortune that you are so wacked out in believing (albeit in a sub conscious Resistance creating backwards way) you do not deserve. Just open up to the possibilities.

Understand, in order to successfully self-express, you need to openly accept the fortune that will come your way.

If it helps you, that fortune may not be money (though it may very well be), it may be love and affection, it may be respect and honor, it may be Peace from God, the source of all good gifts, and what you do with them will be the test of your true self.

Time: 5:55

Are you ready to accept the fortune that will result from your work?

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Challen Yee

Challen Yee

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