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I blog almost every day and sometimes I get an idea that is creative, I know it’s going to take more time than if I just find some nice excerpt on a hot topic knock it out. “What should I do?” I ask myself. I sense that Resistance, as Pressfield calls it, is peeking around the corner. But it’s worse than that, Resistance is pushing you the wrong way while you think it’s peeking around the corner. “I can’t do it” I think to myself, for a moment.

British Naval History Museum- Portsmouth, England (19889):Photo by Challen Yee

Life and writing is a daily battle:Photo by Challen Yee

In addition I have, what I think, are a few major obstacles to creative writing and pursuing my personal goals, especially this week. I have a full time job that currently requires overtime and I have two young children whose grandma (who normally lives with us) just left to travel abroad for a month.

To top things off, we’re coming up on Chinese New Year, which tends to over take my wife whose primary objective is to clean the entire house before the clock strikes midnight within a couple of weeks.

Oh, but there’s one more thing. I’m forcing myself to go to sleep earlier. I know it’s not healthy to go to sleep late, cutting into the key sleeping hours (11 pm to 4 am) just so I can complete a blogpost to adhere to my self imposed schedule of writing and posting fresh content almost every day. No, no…this move, going to sleep earlier and waking earlier is better for my health (yours too by the way), but it clearly puts my writing habits onto the hot seat because I know I have to get my 10 and 6 year old kids to school on time and then go to my sorry cubicle job that that now requires over time.

Is that enough reasons to get my Resistance going? You bet, I feel the Resistance. The Resistance tells me that, “You can’t do this.” And yet I type, writing about Resistance. A topic I wanted to foliow up on and couldn’t figure out… until now.

By the way, did I mention I am also in the process of launching a home business also? (As if I am not busy enough).

Stupid Resistance. You think I don’t have time to write a blog post? I spit on your ugly face … go pack sand and bother somebody else.



If you’ve received value from this natural follow up to Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art,” don’t take my few words to represent his master work. Although it is written by a writer about the glory and struggle in writing, it can be applied to any one with an ambition or profession of any kind. Seriously, go read it yourself and make our world a better place.

Better yet, if you haven’t already, go through my humble book store buy a copy, I’m trying to save a few pennies to send my kids to college.

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Challen Yee

Challen Yee

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