Stuck, Overwhelmed, Holding Yourself Back?

What if you could learn a way to knock out the mental blocks that hold back all but the most successful people?

What if you could achieve twice your goals in half the time?

There is a “secret-sauce” system developed by Noah St. John who was featured recently on a Ray Higdon webinar. Noah is an acclaimed author, speaker, and expert on the behavior of successful people. He is famous for the invention of AFFORMATIONS, a system designed to sow the seed of successful habits and behaviors.

Here is a brief commentary on Noah St. John’s 5 step “secret” system.

Noah St. John. Source:

Noah St. John. Source:

The 5 Step AFFORMATION process

1) Bridging the Belief Gap.

Be clear what you want to achieve This is when you have to correct the error between your  perception of your current reality and your desired reality. This is necessary otherwise you will always sabotage yourself into believing your goals are not possible).

Before a house can be designed you need a vision of it.

Before you know which way to go, you need to know the destination.


Asking yourself questions designed to sow the best seeds in your mind based on the your clearly stated goals. For example, instead of “Why can’t I make money?” or “Why is my relationship so bad?” you would be better served to ask something along the lines of “Why am I rich?” or “Why do I have a great relationship?”

An afformation promotes a constructive solution as your mind has a normal tendency to solve the problem posed by the question. Afformations “form” the correct vision for yourself.

Another way to think about it, I suggest is, in your life you cannot live a life that is inconsistent with who you believe you are. What you are creating by using afformations is a positive model for yourself that will become self-fulfilling.

A tiger cannot live life pretending to be a sheep.

3) Find a “loving mirror”

We are hard on ourselves non-stop listening to what Noah calls “head trash”. You need to start believing in your right self.
One of the first steps to correcting this is understanding the various ways we place blame for our unsuccess on the many external things and circumstances rather than on ourselves.

In this step a mentor, a coach, a personal trainer, a drill sergeant, or a football coach-like person is important to get you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do without the external stimulus. You need someone who believes in you and will not let you slide for weak reasons.

It doesn’t work as well if you’re working alone, you need someone you trust who has the ability to see the greater you and knows and supports your desire to achieve your dreams.

4) Install your systems of support

You cannot control the wind or the waves, but you can know how to respond to a wave and be strong enough to withstand them. This is somewhat like Jim Rohn’s set of the sail where we are all exposed to the economy and the difficulties, but how we respond to them is an individual matter.
How do we not let the waves of life sap us out of our time and energy?

A KEY predictor of your success is the quality of people you surround yourself with. You’ve heard that you are the average of the 5 closest people in your circle. There is where your support, your philosophy and your encouragement comes from.

“Put a good person in a bad system, the system wins every time,” says Noah.

Therefore seek to set yourself into a good system, the proper vehicle and support team for what you desire to achieve.



ONE positive action is worth a 1,000 positive thoughts.

Have you ever rappelled before? You know that in order to rappel off a sheer cliff properly you have to assertively lean back perpendicular to the wall. This action is unnerving to almost everyone the first time.
However, if you do not act confidently, you could get hurt by smashing yourself into the wall. Yet once you make that brisk move, take that bold action, you’re in for a much easier ride.

What if all the limiting beliefs (the “head trash”) are lies?
How would your life change if you just adopted ONE of these 5 steps?


BONUS Noah ST. John thoughts:

– Improve your inner game, and outer game
– Keep it simple
– Be an imperfect ACTION Taker
– Integrity is crucial for smooth success

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Challen Yee

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