5 tips to start a serious blog

It was only last June when I first started taking an online presence seriously, before then I was social media-phobic. I avoided Facebook like the plague even though a billion people around the world are reportedly using it.

Yet Facebook is only one way for people to establish and online presence and get connected with the world. A friend of mine would remind me in our e-mail conversations that Facebook was the place to be if I wanted to get a new business going. I really didn’t get it since I, looking back, was pretty ignorant how to market myself.

From my experience, technique is powerless without the proper mindset or personal philosophy to succeed.

Then there comes times in your life when the stars come into alignment, the dots finally connect, and you are open to the suggestion of acting on something important.

Michael Hyatt . source: ligconference.com

Michael Hyatt . source: ligconference.com

In June of 2013, after about a year-and-a-half of studying personal development, I was listening to an interview with Michael Hyatt where he spoke about his growth as a pioneer in the publishing industry. His blogging efforts helped revolutionize book publishing. He also mentioned Twitter as a medium that, initially, he couldn’t believe how it would be of any practical use, but soon realized the potential.

After Hyatt’s talk, I excitedly got started on starting my first blog www.bestbuckbuck.com. My entry into social media started with my WordPress.com blog, which, by the way, is simple to get started. You can create a nice looking blog easily.

Nowadays, when I meet someone who impresses me with evidence they have a successful blog in them, I encourage them to start and start building a following ASAP. I recommend 5 basic tips for starting a serious blogging effort:


1) Passion for a certain subject.

2) Tailor your posts to match the communication style you are most comfortable with, such as using video if you can’t write. Use audio if you are not visual and write a basic summary in text. Of course, most blogposts are all text and you can do that.
Use any or all means you feel comfortable with.

3) Protect your registration information (a minor fee).

4) Create your own URL name (another minor fee), if you want to optimize your seriousness. The problem with using the “free” URL names (which contain the service company name), is you will not be taken as seriously by many passing by when compared to someone willing to spend a few dollars using their personal name or their business name followed by .com or .net instead. A common passerby may not give your blog a second chance when they see your “free” URL without a very persuading catch to make them click on your link, knowing you were unwilling to pay a few bucks to promote yourself.

5) Post consistently, even if it is only once a week, but I wouldn’t go less than once a week because a blog will be such an important tool for you to get your name established, you will not want to maintain it without some clear indication of personal commitment.

BONUS TIP: Ensure your site design is optimized for mobile viewing. With the trend strongly supporting mobile growth you don’t want to miss out. Your design doesn’t have to be fancy, but offer a clean view to mobile users.


It’s all about something you are passionate about and bringing it to the world in a way only you can bring it! 

I’ll see you… on the next page

Challen Yee

Challen Yee

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